Tuesday, April 24, 2012


For Nick's birthday, I got us tickets to Wicked. So we drove up to Portland, dropped the Evster off at Aunt Darcee and Uncle Brent's and headed to dinner and the show!

I'll be honest, at first it was SO WEIRD not having Evie with us. We usually spend most of our date nights in because A) We can't afford a babysitter every weekend + date money and B) We like just hanging out. And even though I love just watching movies and making treats on Friday nights, I have to say Wicked was a blast.

We're super corny and asked someone to take our picture:

Waiting for the show to start:

And DINNER. I just have to expound on this because it was so good. We went to the Lake Oswego Grill.  (I put a link to the restaurant just in case you want to look at the menu because I personally love menu surfing - fatty, I know) I ordered the stuffed pork and apple salad and Nick had the prawns and spinach and artichoke dip for an appetizer, and the salmon. For dessert we split this baby:

Berry cobbler. It was divine.

Nick and I kept saying, "This is so weird, this is so weird!" It was so fun to go out, eat good food, and see a show together. But we were definitely excited to get back and see the Evster.

We sung "Popular," all the way home!
(Ironic since we don't need that song in our lives - we are the definition of popularity)


Amanda Jeffs said...

haha, love this post! glad you had fun :)

Rachey Elder said...

You guys are hot. Also can I say I love your awkward pics? You guys are too funny. The show sounded great, almost as great as the dinna!