Friday, December 19, 2014

The Caroler

Who cares if she doesn't remember the words? I'd walk through any winter wonderland with this stinker.

Dang, I'm cheesy! How does anyone read this!?

Also, in case anyone knows any eligible bachelors looking for a fine lady with disturbing dance moves who happens to speak Tagalog ... feel free to show them this.

Or this:

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Sitch (as in Situation but Not from that Creepy Show with the Tan Italians)

Forgot to post this picture of Ev (and Anna Baby). Seriously, this is my life documented in a photo.

The other day, Ev insisted on wearing a hat to school to "keep her head dry." (It wasn't raining or snowing) I obliged since it was yet another day where I didn't have to do her hair. However, the joke was on me because when I went to pick her up from preschool her hat was off and her hair static was off the charts. 

This is what usually happens when we "make the bed." Nick gets about fifty of these a day. I think he likes it...?

Let's blog about Halloween, shall we?
I planned on painting Evelyn's surfboard myself, but she expressed a desire to do so.

So we rolled with it.

With the exception of the pinks at the very top, Evie painted this whole thing herself.
Watch out Picasso!

A few days before Halloween we hit up the pumpkin patch. 

We waited about ten years for this old man to launch two pumpkins into the air using a homemade pumpkin cannon. We kept wondering whether it would all be worth it ... it was.
Old man did not disappoint!

Pumpkin slave.

He gets paid in homemade dinners.

170 pounds of pumpkin!
(150 pounds of that belonged to Grandpa)

Our first (and only) project since moving into our place. A frame collage which is why I haven't attempted anything else. Its too exhausting trying to arrange frames so I'm taking a break from home decorating.

Our friends threw a Halloween party for couples. So naturally I tried to pick the manliest/ugliest thing for myself to be. NOBODY knew what we were, which was sad because Nick and I even watched Twins the night before to get into character.

Fall has definitely been a cooking season for my Sous Chef and me.

Ev loves to help me with making bread (which we do several times a week).
Yeah, we're Carbosauruses.

She asked me if she could go to school like this. 
I obliged.

Cutest koala in town.

We didn't go to our ward Halloween party because it was on actual Halloween. (Who does that?!) But we did go to my parents ward for theirs and Ev won 'most original costume.' She cared more about the candy bar than the prestige (you earned both for winning).

The month or so leading up to Halloween, Ev changed her mind about a hundred times before eventually deciding on Surf Girl. Some of the things she wanted to be were: Cheese Pizza (that was a close second to Surf Girl), Cinderella, Spiderman, Olaf, Doctor. For her preschool party, she wanted to be Cinderella Surf Girl. I'm biased, but she definitely had the best costume. 

"Mom, take a picture of me while I pretend to be asleep."

"Mom, take a picture of me being crazy."

"Mom, take a picture of my pancake tower."

"Mom, take a picture of my pancake tower and my giant pancake."

"Mom, take a picture of me being cute."

Thank you Target for $5 matching leggings.

We have the scariest Grandpa around.

He works out.

Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes ... and crack.

They are really starting to play together.
IE: Anna messes up whatever Ev is doing and Ev pushes her.

Cupcake fairy.

Death by kisses.
(Maybe not, but definitely a good mauling)

She's walking! She still prefers to crawl (its faster) but she can definitely walk.

I went shopping on my birthday (double fist bump!) and I sent Nick this photo and threatened to buy more cheetah outfits. He then counter threatened ... we're in a stalemate right now.
I can't help that I have a problem.

I have to document the best date we've ever had real fast. We scored tickets to a Blazers/Cavs game and got to watch the King play in real life! We literally drove 3.5 hours, got out of the car, watched the game and then got back in the car and drove 3.5 hours home. So worth it though. It was so fun to watch Lebron play (even if he didn't have the best game).

I count down the days until its cold enough to wear this bad boy.

I turned 27!
Feeling young and spry.

Nick and I went to dinner at the Chart House and it was fantastic. They printed my name on the menu (apparently that's a thing if you call ahead - brownie points!) and I had to unbutton my pants (literally) but again, it was totally worth it. 

Dude, runner's life.

Are they sisters or what?

Anna loves dress up too.

I realize this is the dorkiest picture of me ever, but I want everyone to go buy this running harness because it is amazing. Since its pitch black when I run and I almost got hit by a car recently, Nick bought me this light-up harness and its so light-weight, super easy to turn on and off AND I'm like a walking disco ball so hopefully there are no more close calls.

Curse you other awesome preschool moms! 
Ev came home from school recently and said that one of the girls in her school had 'Elsa' hair and that she wanted the same thing. I was so proud of myself that I took a picture and sent it to basically everyone I know. After I was finished I said, "Ev do you like it?"
She said, "Its not yellow. I want my hair to be yellow like Elsa's."
And that's when I had to stage an intervention.

More to come...
(I hope)