Thursday, May 11, 2017

Three Girls

It's never that weird to me that we have three girls. It just seems right - like I was meant to cry every morning when I'm doing ten billion heads of hair. 😖 Having all one gender has it's perks. I'll let you ruminate while I illuminate (thanks, Genie!) ...

I told Nick that I was legit hiring a photographer to take pictures of Scarlett. We've been fortunate enough to have close friends do it for inexpensive/free, but I really wanted nice pictures of Scarlett and I don't know why I felt so strongly about it. Anyway, Whitney was supposed to come at 9 AM and since I was sleep deprived and not sleeping at all, I FORGOT TO SET MY ALARM. So when the baby woke up to eat at 8:30 (I just assumed that when she ate at 6:00 my alarm would wake me up at 7:00) and I still had to nurse her/get my kids ready/clean my house/take a shower ... I realized it was going to be a stressful 30 minutes. 
Here's the part where having all one gender is kind of awesome. I wasn't quite sure what the girls would wear, but luckily we have a whole closet of girl clothes in pretty much every size so I was able to grab something in five seconds, throw it on each girl and although my house (and myself) looked like a hot mess, we were ready when Whitney showed up. I was slightly embarrassed that I looked so disgusting and that my house was so dirty, but then I realized - I JUST HAD A BABY! So eat it societal norms! I'm gonna do my thing and be okay with it.

Anyway, I'm so happy with the pictures despite the fact that Anna was a devil child. She is normally my sweet, easy going gal, but WHOA! She was not having the photos and would not cooperate so we didn't get a great one of all of them, but whatever! Real life, man!

Scarlett was so wide awake the whole time! I know people say that drinking caffeine has no effect on the baby in utero, but this girl may be a Diet Dr. Pepper baby. Thank you hormonal pregnancy headaches.

We hadn't been in our house very long and still didn't have a bed/bedspread/decor (it basically looks the same - I don't have the energy/money to decorate currently) so I borrowed a bedspread from a friend and we went with a minimalist look... haha! 



And now for the main attraction...

This feels like a lifetime ago and also like it was yesterday. Life is weird ... and awesome. We love you Scarlett! So glad you belong with us.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The First Few Weeks

This seems like a long time ago, but when you're exhausted ... all the days/months/hours run together.

Here is the ultimate baby lover - Cole. He is so good to the babies! Constantly holding and kissing them. I love this picture - Cole and Scarlett.

Celebrating Grandma Great's 88th Birthday. 

Two cuties ready for school photos.

Snap chat is the BEST with newborns. You should be grateful I didn't post the other 800 I had on my phone.

Most beautiful newborn award.

This girl! She's handled middle siblinghood like a champ.

As long as she's got a bowl of marshmallows, nothing can get her down.

Blowing bubbles.

Aunt Dot! It was so fun to have a quick visit from the Burnetts. 

This lemon swaddle is my favorite. Also, the baby laying on it is my favorite.

I miss all her hair!


Waiting patiently to be picked up by Grandma.

School field trip to the pumpkin patch (5 days after I had Scarlett). It was so fun to get outside the house and just hang with Ev. 


Field trip!

3 year check for this big girl!

Nukie face.

Love that dainty little neck.

Awkward, but cute.

Grandpa's girl.

Sundays ... are the worst with small kids. Such long, hard, exhausting days!

She fit in this outfit for like twenty minutes. It says newborn size, but its the smallest newborn I've ever seen. My kids even wear newborn for awhile and sadly this cute outfit wasn't worn more than once.

Hands always by the face.


And now, a series of crazy photos brought to you by Anna.

Clearly, her self-esteem is lacking.

If you'd like a makeover, let me know.

She's pretty good, actually.


Evil, but cute.

She makes me wipe it off so she can do it five times more.

Don't do drugs kids!

Reeeeeal thick there.

Spoiler alert! I survived the first few weeks of having THREE kids! Writing this now, it all seems like a busy dream. I love newborn babies, but man, the first three months are killer. I feel like 3+ months is always a turning point for me - I reemerge into society, take a shower (occasionally) and start cooking dinner again. Just typing all that makes me feel amazing!