Thursday, April 26, 2012

They Try to Make Me Go to Rehab...

But I say, "No, no no!"

Pictured in the above photo: Coat, shoes, skirt, cardigan, blouse, headband.
Not pictured in the above photo: Cheetah pajamas, various items of lingerie (for obvious reasons), and several brooches.

One night when Nick was studying I had a revelation, or perhaps an epiphany.
What would it look like if I wore (almost) every item of cheetah that I owned?

It would look totally awesome (and primal). Exhibit A:

I've always been a trendsetter and I'm going to be bold here and say that head-to-toe cheetah is no exception. I'm working it, right?

Just in case you haven't had enough:

Also, for all you naysayers out there who think the Kardashians were cool before the Smarts, I say this:

Khloe wishes she was as en vogue as the real Khloe (moi) and if the cheetah pants don't prove it, I don't know what will. 

Smarts = Real Kardashians
Syd = Real Khloe

PS If Khloe Kardashian wanted to have a walk-off on the Mavericks home court I would totally oblige. 
Bring it, Khlo!


Darrell said...

pretty funny stuff!!!

Rachey Elder said...

Ha ha, please post everyday. Every single day. I love your blog. You are def rockin' the cheetah!

P.S. The comment from Grandma Cher on your Easter blog was actually from me if you couldn't tell:) My mom and I suck at technology.

Ben & Cassie said...

haha love channeling kardashian and busting out cheetah, you have an amazing collection!

chelsea said...

I am currently wearing cheetah pants as I type this--does it run in the family. You are one million times hotter then the real Khole and could def give her a run for her money when it come to fashion.