Friday, April 13, 2012

Flashback Friday: Lawyers, Past and Present

I love me a good lawyer. You know, someone like Rudy Baylor (Matt Damon) in The Rainmaker or Mick Haller (Matthew McConaughey) in The Lincoln Lawyer.
Or Darrell Smart from Smart, Connell, Childers, and Verhulp, LLC.

A modern day Robin Hood with a moral compass for a heart.
AKA This Guy:

Yeah, its vintage. Courtesy of Snick's latest travels to Utah. (A future post in itself)

Speaking of Matty D, is it just me or is there an uncanny resemblance between these two lawyers? I've always said young Rudy Baylor was my dad's doppleganger, but seriously! Will someone back me up on this?

The blurry pic of my dad is from J. Reuben Clark's law building. Nick couldn't resist taking a picture while we were in Utah for Spring Break a few weeks ago. (More pics to come!)

I love it. Its crazy to think that when my dad graduated law school he and my mom had two kids and one on the way. (And yet they were anxiously awaiting a most special fourth child I'm sure) Where will Nick and I be when we graduate law school? Not sure, but I do hope that U of O takes classy pictures like this of their alumni and boldly displays them for posterity to see.

Its too bad they can't display this in the William Knight Law Building:

If I didn't weight twice what Nick weighed in Junior High, we totally would have dated.
Huzzah to all the honest (future) lawyers out there!


Tiffany said...

HAHA! I'm totally dying about the weight comment! SO TRUE! He was SO SKINNY Sydney! :)

Darrell said...

I don't really see the Matt Damon resemblence, but thanks for the shout out and post of me with hair. Hmmm....I really miss my "rughead." You probably already know this, but I was voted "Best Hair" at Lincoln Jr. HS circa 1970. Given the era, I assure you this was quite an honor.

Ben & Cassie said...

omg you're matt damons daughter?! Just saw we bought a zoo and fell in love with him all over again, jason bourne doesnt do it for me! Nick looks so cute, law school sounds hard, but you must be so proud of him! No Ev pic in this post! missed it :(

Darcee said...

I've ALWAYS thought dad and Matty D shared a resemblance! That pic only confirms it. Love this post! I also missed an Evie pic but hopefully some will soon follow of her bday party?!