Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Un Maison

We are moving into one of these...

it's almost more exciting than this...

But not quite.

Friday, March 19, 2010

International Princess Project

I read blogs.
Okay, I read a lot of blogs.
FINE, I am obsessed with reading blogs.

And NO ONE blogs like pioneer woman. I worship her. I idolize her. I love her.

If you have a spare 100 hours, you should go read her archives, especially her love story about how she met her husband. If you don't have 100 extra hours of time, you may want to consider reading her blog anyway because it will change your life and make you a happier person.

Anyway, one of her posts was so incredible, I just had to share it with everyone else. (Normally I'm selfish and I keep Pioneer Woman all to myself because I'm an obsessive blogger like that)
PW (as I nicknamed her because we are virtual BFF's) has a section on her blog called "Home and Garden." The best part about this section is PW's Favorite things (Think Oprah, but country and cute) she recently posted something about "punjammies," or handsewn pajama pants made by women who have been rescued, released, or escaped from a life of prostitution. The International Princess Project is a way for these battered women to develop skills and confidence to help them not only survive, but succeed in life.
I grew up in a home with 3 sisters, 126 pairs of shoes (sizes 7-10), Jane Austen books, the movie "The Little Princess," and a mother with a passionate love for Oprah Winfrey. Needless to say, it was Girl Power 24/7, 365. While reading about the International Princess Project, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for the life I have been given. My mom always told us we were beautiful and special and despite having three incredibly gorgeous, talented, smart, funny, and confident sisters, I never felt like I had to compete with them. Sure I wanted to copy them, so I stole clothes without asking and wrote my name on Chelsea's En Vogue CD because I wanted to listen to the same music she did, but I can honestly say that I've always been proud about my potential as a woman. Don't get me wrong, I have definitely had moments of self-pity and maybe one or two of melodrama (no more than two though), but my Mom (and Dad) have always made sure that the Smart girls knew that we deserved Mr. Darcy and much more.
Whether you want to buy a pair of "punjammies," or not, the International Princess Project is still inspiring and well-worth the read.
Now go put a Spice Girls CD in your car and roll the windows down!
Girl Power!

Monday, March 15, 2010


I have made many decisions in my life, the best (obviously) would be forcing Nick to marry me. However, a very very close second would be my trip to Dublin when I was on study abroad. My last weekend in Paris I was sitting with my three favorite girls ever (Jennica, Monica and Heather) and we decided we would hop on a plane (for 20 Euro I might add) and go to Dublin. We stayed in a hostel, went to Irish pubs (even though I was the only girl over 21), and enjoyed hunting for Enya's castle. I will never forget that trip and SO... in honor of St. Patty's Day, I'm going to post some pics of the land of my heritage. My last name may be Jordan, but I'll always have some O'Smart in me! (Speaking of the O'Smarts, Nick and I had a blast at Uncle Ricker's Irish Bash yesterday - No one can party like the descendants of Big El and Phyl)

*Disclaimer: Wearing makeup/doing hair/showering is optional on a BYU study abroad.
Four months of nastiness is definitely required.

My hostel in Dublin - sketchy I know.

We went to a pub and after twenty minutes of explaining, we were finally able to order three shirley temples and a ginger ale. Who doesn't know how to make a shirley temple?

On the beach searching for Enya's castle...
In case you were wondering we did not find it.

Me and an Irish bud at a pub.

Christ Church Cathedral.

Gregorian doors - a must when visiting Dublin.

It was only a few weeks until Christmas and the entire downtown of Dublin was decorated with lights. I'm assuming the sign says "Merry Christmas" in Gaelic or something.

The Girls: Jennica, Me, Monica, Heather

Some crazy Irish people we ran into.

Trinity College.

Front Door of Trinity College.

After nearly four months in Europe, all we wanted was a greasy American hamburger. It might have been the best one I've ever had.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Animal Lover + Animal Hater

Nick's birthday was a blast, except for the fact that he had an ear infection and a head cold. Despite being sick, Nick was a trooper and we ended up having a great weekend.

Perhaps the highlight of our weekend was dog sledding - and no we did not have to drive to Canada or fly to Alaska. They actually have dog sledding in Utah!

As you can see we are basically "Iron Will" in all the pictures.

I'm not much of an animal person, so I was a little nervous about hanging out with Balto times ten for an hour, but it was a really fun experience. I knew when I married Nick (who as a child wanted to be a vet) that I would have to give in occasionally when it came to animals. I already told him no pets inside EVER and if he wants an outside pet (and by pet I mean dog because no other animals will ever be allowed) then he will have to take me to Paris first.

But when I found dog sledding, I knew it would be too fun! And plus you don't HAVE to touch the dogs, you can just enjoy the ride! However, I did end up touching a few dogs and it wasn't that bad - Nick is convinced that deep down I want a dog. I love my husband more than anything, but I'm not so sure I will ever love an animal.

Overall, the Jordans just had a great weekend actually spending time TOGETHER. Nick didn't work the entire weekend and it was
I love Nick and I'm so grateful that he chose to marry a crazy person like me! Happy Birthday Babe!