Saturday, April 23, 2016

Catching Up

My sweethearts on Christmas Sunday.

Anna isn't much for football, but she could read all day.

Shocking ending I presume?

Her little belly hanging over the book! 

Trolls, trolls, everywhere.

"Mom, we just really want to sleep in your bed."

Not sure how she got up here.

Snow trekking. 

Anna wears a dress-up dress over all her clothes day and night.

Never takes it off.


Gingerbread houses with Uncle Shea.

So awkward, but cute.

Awkwardness runs in the family.

Lovers. JK, Nick hates doing stuff like this.

"Mom, I'm going to snuggle my troll puzzle."

"I'm just staring at my troll puzzle because I did such a good job."

"Does it hurt the troll when I poke his eyes?"


Post hair cut photo shoot of terrible photo quality.

Cute kids though.