Thursday, February 27, 2014

Children's Museum

Anna looks so tiny here! 
(Clearly I'm still playing catch up)

The only thing that would make this picture better is Keithy.
I sure do miss that sweet little boy.

With Chelsea moving to Portland and my clinical diagnosis of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out - look it up! It's a thing...) I have been driving up to Portland faster than Guy Fieri can scarf a burger and onion rings. In fact, I have hauled my kids up there so much lately that it was worth it for Darcee and I to split a pass to the Children's Museum.

And if the picture below doesn't prove it...

Then this certainly will-
(Note: Puppets and parents DO NOT MIX, even though I have been called the "Puppet Master" as I have a vast repertoire of Puppet Shows from my childhood on video, but I digress...)

Couple of squirrels I found in a tree.

I have found that the best way to get my stubborn child to try new things is to have her around Cole and Ally - especially Ally. Ev never wants to do face paint when we go to the Museum and then all of the sudden she sees Ally do Hello Kitty whiskers and she's all gun-ho.

Unfortunately, Ev's "Hello Kitty whiskers," didn't quite translate. 
William Wallace would be proud though.

Ally the Poser and ... everyone else.

I can't remember exactly who Cole was supposed to be but his face is Wolverine-esque.

This was back during our Christmas Break, so the father of my children was thankfully present.

I think when Ev envisions Heaven and all things Holy, she pictures the grocery section of the Children's Museum. She cares about nothing else and ONLY wants to play in there. I always make her do that part last because she won't do anything else once she gets there. This girl is obsessed with play food! Plus its hilarious because she mans the checkout like a boss. All the big kids are terrified of the little spitfire behind the counter making them pay fake money for their food.
(What this says about my parenting, I'm not sure)




Is he breathing?

Genes don't lie. 
And when you are this good looking, they can't even fib.

INSERT: Witty comment about how uncool I am.

I cannot wait until my children are old enough to realize that I'm so embarrassing.

Ev was like, "No! I DRIVE!!!!" (In demon raspy Jazz singer voice)

At least I know I'll never be this embarrassing, right?

Adventure is in this kid's blood.

Ev literally hung like this for fifteen seconds. Haha!

Did you just die of cuteness?

How about now?

Whoop, there it is!
Death by cuteness.

What a day!
Looking back it seems like a past life (Early January was a rough time for Anna's sleep habits) that we went to the Children's Museum, but we've been back twice since then and each time it has gotten easier to finagle two kiddos and not look like a sweaty beast. 
It's the little things I guess.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Four Months

Man, I am so behind on this bloggy blog. But I can't ignore the fact that our baby is 4 1/2 months old!
Anna is such a joy. I know I say this all the time but SERIOUSLY, she is an angel baby.
Happy all the time, socially engaged, calm, easy going, and basically a dream. 
She enjoyably goes wherever we go, watches Ev and I play and she loves her baths.
She has slept through the night 3 days in a row and I'm hoping its going to be a trend in all of our lives.
Simply put - we adore her. 
And as cheesy as it sounds, we couldn't imagine our lives without her. 

At 4 1/2 months Anna Shea weighs 12 pounds 4 ounces (14%). She is deceivingly light. She has rolls for days and I thought for sure she weighed at least 15 pounds, but she's just a tiny little thing. Much bigger than Ev was, but still tiny nonetheless. 
Height - 24" (29%)
Head - 16" (31%)

When she's tired, instead of crying like a normal baby she blows raspberries like an angel baby.
Here she is blowing some razzies:

This moment is a rarity, which is why I'm glad I captured it.
Its hard not to laugh when she cries because its so cute!

A mad Anna:

Her hair is still a common topic of conversation wherever we go. Its starting to not stick up as much now that its getting longer, but she's still my crazy hair.

She is a drool fest. I'm honestly shocked she's not teething because she drools like Roger Rabbit. I'm constantly changing her onesies and she chews like a dog all day long. Her fists, her blankets, toys, my shoulder - everything is a chew toy.

She's still a little snuggler. When she gets up from naps, she eats and then snuggles on my shoulder while I burp her. I love it. 

She's still my tummy lover. She's so close to rolling over, but we need to strengthen up those biceps! She's got my body - thick legs and big bum, but noodle arms. You're welcome Anna!

And Holy Cow, she's looking a lot like Ev these days! People are constantly telling me how much they look alike. At first I didn't see it that much, but lately Anna has morphed into a mini-Ev. (A slightly darker, olive-skinned version)
She's got blue eyes!
Can anyone explain to me how this keeps happening? And don't give me the recessive genes jargon - this is crazy! Neither Nick nor I have blue eyes and so far, we're two for two!
They are the same color Evie's were as a baby, a dark navy blue. Ev's have lightened up since then so I wonder if Anna's will lighten, stay dark blue or maybe just turn brown.

Either way, there is no denying that she's adorable.
Just sayin'.