Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Rest of April

Now this is how you fly with kids.

Back in April, I went to Wenatchee to run a race with some friends. Except three days before the race, I found out I had placenta previa and my Doc said no way. So I went along anyway, cheered my buds on and then stuffed my face with Cafe Rio afterwards pretending I actually did run the race. 

It was a blast! Such a fun group of friends.

Unsupervised moms.

We celebrated Ev's birthday in Yakima when we returned from California because ... BIRTHDAYNESS.

Like the amazing party planner I am, I made my mom call and reserve an ice cream cake from Basken Robbins. After Disneyland, Evie really went through a Minnie Mouse phase.

Anna thought it was her birthday too.

She thinks we're singing to her!

And she insisted on helping blow out the candles.

My mom gave Ev a rainbow bunny surprise. 
It has been the highlight of her life thus far.

My sister found rainbow troll hair! The girls LOVE it. 

You should see Anna pretend to be a troll. It is hilarious.

In April, I announced I was pregnant. We planned on waiting until we knew the gender, but then we found out the gender early, so we went with it. Plus I'm big as a house so there was no hiding it.

Three girls! We're all so excited. I would be okay with all girls and that's the truth. 

Our friends had baby kittens and if you know Anna, there are two things in life that she loves: the color pink and kittens.

All the other kids ran off to play on the toys after awhile. But not Anna. She stayed with those little kittens for an hour squeezing them and trying to force them to stay on her lap.

Everybody knows how much I hate cats. 

What you probably don't know is that I sort of love kittens. WHY?! I don't know, but they are so cute and cuddly...until they turn into DEVILS.


Evie told me that I should be a good mom and get kittens for her and Anna.
I laughed like Ursula in her face.

The sliver from HELL. This bad boy was so hard to get out.
Kudos to Nick for accepting the challenge.

Awkward soccer pic.

My climber.


Our best buds.

I went to UT for a bridal shower for my brother's wife and because Shea was simultaneously graduating. Nick took the reigns and enjoyed being Mr. Mom while I was gone.

The girls went hiking and Nick was good to send me lots of pictures.

I sent Nick pictures of all the stuff I was eating - which I think he also loved.

We laughed about this for about three days.

While I was gone, Nick got the girls ready for church, did their hair and they even matched!

I'm too lazy to match them, so maybe I should slack off more so Nick will take over dressing them and doing their hair.

Last day of Preschool.

Two pregnant ladies trying to bowl.

Mother's Day 2016.

Anna is obsessed with my Dad still. She is a little barnacle when he's around.

I think he likes it?

A playdate with friends that looks super awkward, but I promise it wasn't!