Friday, April 20, 2012

An Interview With A One Year Old

Name: Princess Grabbypants, Evelyn, Ev, Evster, Evie

Age: Old enough to think that playing with electrical outlets, cords, scissors, and other sharp objects is okay. I hate it when mom doesn't let me have stuff that I'm more than capable of handling. 

Where do you live: A rainy place. I cry when I see the sun.

Height: 28 1/2 inches (31%)

Weight: 18 pounds 6 ounces (11%)

Head Circumference: 17 3/4 inches (51%)

Favorite Foods: I change my mind everyday. I get bored easily so mom is constantly trying to please my tastebuds. Today I love bananas rolled in graham cracker, orzo with red sauce, blueberries and green beans. 

Least favorite foods: Grilled cheese and PB & J. I don't know why mom thinks that because I like cheese and toast that I will like them together. Please stop giving this to me mom. And peanut butter is nasty. The texture freaks me out. 

Favorite TV show: Mom doesn't let me watch TV, but Dad lets me watch ESPN so that is definitely my favorite show. I love DVD's though. Not watching them, but taking them out of the cabinet and distributing them all over the house is a favorite pastime of mine. 

Favorite toy: Anything that is not a toy (the printer especially), my new singing teapot and my new cupcake kitchen. I usually bake cupcakes in my kitchen while mom makes dinner in her kitchen. 

Talents: I can scoot on my bottom at approximately 4 mph, unless I'm on hardwood or tile, then I'm even faster at 5 mph. Its amazing and adorable, at least that's what everyone tells me. I can also give high fives and wave on command. 

Do you like music: Absolutely. I especially love dancing to music. I dance all the time, even if I hear music quietly playing from the other room I start to shake my whole body and smile. My friend Shelly gave me a CD for my birthday and that's probably my favorite right now. Other favorites include Wicked soundtrack, Coldplay, and Justin Bieber.

How many teeth do you have: 4! My mom is grateful that I got my fourth one (on top) because now I have less of a snaggletooth. It was a cute snaggletooth, but a snaggletooth nonetheless.

What size do you wear: Well, I'm a little peanut, but I'm packing in the lower half of my body (thanks, mom). My thighs are enormous so its really hard to find pants that can get up over them that aren't stretchy. 12 months typically, but my feet are tiny. I wear size 3-6 month shoes.

Words: Da-da, down, duck, wow, hot, no, yeah, hi and shovel. Yes, I can say shovel. It usually sounds like "Shuv-uh," but it is legitimately a word in my vocabulary. I refuse to say the word mom. WILL NOT SAY IT. But I do like to repeat whatever mom says. And even though I don't say much, I understand a lot. Like when mom asks for a kiss I usually oblige. 

Who is your best friend: Definitely my blankie. I love it so much and will not sleep without it. I would carry it all around the house if mom would let me (she doesn't let me take it out of my crib). But my second best friend would definitely be mom. She is my favorite. I didn't used to be clingy until about 2 weeks ago. Now I only want her ALL THE TIME. Sometimes when I'm playing I just want her to hold me while I play so that I know she won't go away.

What about Dad: I love Dad so much. I get so excited when he comes home. Mom lets me stand on the windowsill and wait for him so that I can see him when he walks up to our apartment. I usually cry when he leaves for school everyday because I will miss him so much. 

How does it feel to be one: Pretty good. Everybody thinks I'm so cute, so the attention is very flattering. I sometimes get shy around people and just want to cuddle with mom, but I do love getting compliments at the grocery store or stopped by random strangers when we are on walks.

Do you like taking pictures now: Not really. Mom is so annoying with the camera and I usually won't smile for her. But I try to grab the camera because it has buttons and its not a toy so I want to play with it. Sometimes mom lets me eat the camera lens while she takes pictures of me - I believe that is a nice compromise.

Do you like church: Not really. It interferes with my nap schedule and I have a hard time being quiet, but as long as mom brings good snacks and lots of books I'm a good girl. I just feel trapped in those narrow pews. I do love seeing my friend Livy though. We usually play in Relief Society while Livy's mom watches us so mom and dad can teach their class.

Do you think you are cute: That is a dumb question. Of course I am cute! Everybody says so and I believe it. I know I can get what I want when I smile because I've tested it pretty much all day everyday with mom. She is such a pushover!

Are you scared of anything: Actually, yes. When dad chews gum I usually have a meltdown. I'm not sure why but something about the popping of the gum scares me to death. I also don't like when mom puts me down in a group of strangers - I usually want her to hold me or I play very close to her.

Where do you see yourself in two months: Hopefully playing in Grandma's pool, getting fat, and wearing adorable clothes. Perhaps I may be walking, but I just enjoy scooting so much I don't see that as a likely milestone.

Are you excited to live in a new place for the summer: I can't wait to spend so much time with my Grandpa and Grandma, but I am sad to leave all my friends here in the rainy place. Everyone is so nice and I love living here.

Do you still love the bath: Of course. It is my favorite part of the day. I'm no longer scared of the faucet or drain and I get right in there while it fills up the tub. My favorite part of bath time is when mom rubs my back with lotion afterwards. Back massages are the best!

As you can tell, Evie has quite the personality. Nick and I don't quite know how to articulate how the last year has been for us. So much growth, so many changes, and so much chub! I think we are mostly just grateful to have experienced so much with Ev. Parenthood has made us better people in so many ways and we are so blessed to have her. She makes everyday interesting and fun. 

Thanks to everyone who helped us spoil her! I said this earlier, but she deserves to be spoiled (at least at this age) because she is such a bright star to so many people. She makes everyone smile or laugh and we are just glad that we get the most of her.

Happy belated Birthday Evie!


jennica said...

Evie is so grown up and a great interviewer! Love love love the pictures. Soo cute! Your bangs are so amazing, I even went and got front bangs a few weeks ago. Love you syd!

sheila said...

Best post of the year Syd! This will be priceless to Ev in the future. The pics are absolutely beautiful and tell a story on their own. Kudos to the photographer but how could you mess up pics of the Jordan family?

chan said...

Seriously Evie is the most adorable baby. You are so justified in proudly show her off every chance you get! Also, you never cease to blog me in how clever and funny you are when you blog. My sister has never met you but she told me the other day that you are her favorite blog to read.

ellen said...

Cute post -- cute girl!