Sunday, June 5, 2016

The New Year and Then Some

Why are babies in snow gear SO cute? Also, I'm not a bad mom, she just won't wear gloves.

Sledding with the fam.

An attractive sister photo-shoot.

Grandpa makes the best igloos.

Trollapalooza 2016.

I think her face here accurately describes how she feels about trolls.

Does anyone else have kids who are OBSESSED with Beanie Boos? Ev has a serious addiction and seriously treats them as if they were human friends. I'm not judging... but it is a little creepy.

A few minutes before heading out to sleep in the snow cave she and Nick built together.

Special person at preschool.

Wears this hat everyday.

Anna left, took the laptop with her and left a milk stain on our bed and her babysitter didn't even notice. DAD FOR THE WIN.

I love when she naps.

Life is SO hard.

And easy... depending on your personality.

Several nights before Nick had his second knee surgery, I found him watching youtube videos of patellar reconstructions. At least have the decency to shut that nasty junk off so your wife doesn't think you're googling ways to murder her.

Found this pic of me as an awkward child. I know I've always said I will never forgive my mom for giving me a fungus hair cut for ten years of my life ... but looking at how happy I seem ... I'm considering giving Anna "the 'shrum." I'm pretty sure she could rock it. 

Also her hair is so light compared to mine as a child.

WHY DO BOTH OF MY CHILDREN THINK BUTTER IS A FOOD GROUP?! Am I the only mom who finds that all her butter has bite marks in it? And yes, it's MY butter.

Awkward Valentine's day photo shoot. Thanks Grandma for the outfits!

Ev's smile ... so creepy.

Ev's valentines this year.