Monday, January 30, 2012

Saturday, January 28, 2012


I'm so embarrassed, but this is too dang ridiculous not to share.

Nick often comments that I only listen to "lesbian" music. (IE: Eliza Doolittle, Ingrid Michaelson, Imogen Heap, etc.) Since I diagnosed him as a genuine homophobe, I usually dismiss such comments. Especially when he says that if Ev ends up picking softball over tennis, its my fault.
No pressure there.

Anyway, I have realized that my taste in music is embarrassing. I will never deny my love for Regina Spektor or Beth Waters, but what is more concerning is my instant attraction to boy band pop-tart tunes. It was okay in the 90's - BSB, N'Sync, even 98 degrees if you were a rebel. I even believe its okay to reminisce about the "good ole days," while listening to Quit Playing Games with my Heart, and enjoying every moment. But the real kicker comes when you realize that a large SUV is in your near future and all you care about is a bonafide sound system. And not just any sound system - but one that will make my children shutter at stoplights when they realize that their mom is a One Direction fan.

Please forgive me.

Have you heard What Makes you Beautiful? Its been on the radio a lot, but apparently not enough for me. Its awful, but something about the poppy upbeat makes me a fourteen year-old girl. Seriously, instead of laughing and changing the radio I secretly say "Yes! Twice today? It must be my lucky day!"

That is not a lie.

I usually turn it up and jam. I don't even bother to turn it down when I'm stopped at a light. In fact, I usually turn that baby up!

Okay, okay, you are probably thinking, that's embarrassing but not that bad. (Or maybe you think I'm a total psycho, I dunno...)

It gets worse unfortunately. I haven't been able to find the song on iTunes because we all know its totally worth buying! So I was googling this and that when I found this:
The official music video.

Help me, Rhonda! Does this make me a pedophile?

I made a pros and cons list to be sure

Cons (IE: I am a pedophile)
- They are 14 year-old boys.
- I have the same striped shirt and pink pants as the one with short brown hair.
- If given the opportunity, I would have accepted an invitation to be in this music video. (Perhaps a homely girl alone on the rocks?)
- I found myself wondering if Nick would look good in a plaid shirt like main guy/child.
- Could Nick pull off the shaggy hair again? I sure loved that when we were first dating...
- I wonder where they got their lipgloss, is it Burt's Bees?
- Forget a large SUV, I want an orange VW van.
- I would love to go to a bonfire on my next date with Nick.
- I have tried to "flip" my hair thrice today. (While looking in the mirror twice)

Pros (IE: I am definitely not a pedophile)
- They are British. How can you know this by simply watching the music video? Well, I watched "the making of the music video," and they all have sexy British accents. Crap, I think my one Pro is definitely now a con.

Poor Ev, she will most likely have a conversation exactly like this in fifteen years:

Ev: "Hey Mom can I go to the One Direction concert with my friends?"

Me: "I don't know, will there be chaperones there?"

Ev: "Yeah, so and so's Dad will be there."

Me: "No way, I'll chaperone."

Ev: "Mom, that's so embarrassing! Going to a concert with your mom? Do you even know who One Direction is?"

Me: "You won't even notice me, I'll hang low, just keep an eye on you." (IE: I'll be so busy mosh pitting you won't even see me!) "No, I haven't heard of this One Demand band - is it appropriate music?"

Ev: "They are called One Direction, Mom. And its very clean, but definitely NOT appropriate for a fifty year-old."

Me: "I'm not fifty! Do I really look that old?"

Ev: "Oh, I just assumed you were old and fifty sounds old to me."

Twenty minutes later I will be busy pre-ordering my One Direction limited edition t-shirt to wear underneath all my clothes for the next four months.

"I'm not like a regular mom, I'm a cool mom."

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lady of Chub

Ev is NINE months old. How did that happen?
Not quite sure, but one thing is for certain - she is totally and completely chubby.

I love it. I seriously cannot get enough of her rolls and cheeks. (Both kinds)

At nine months, Evie can:
- turn pages of a book
- wave "Hi" and "Bye"
- pick her nose
- pick up pieces of bread and cheese with her fingers
- transfer cheerios from one hand to the other
- give kisses (aka lick your face)
- say "Da-Da" (and contrary to Nick's personal and biased opinion she says it while looking at me, food, books, her blankies, and her dolly in addition to her dear old pa)
- spit food out at me
- blow raspberries
- point at things
- play the plasma game on the iPad
- sing during church
- stand while holding on to someone

At nine months, Evie still cannot:
- crawl
- pull herself up on anything
- go potty on the toilet (one can dream...)

At nine months, Evie loves:
- squash, cheese, bread, yogurt, ice cream, oatmeal
- bathtime
- her blankies (CANNOT sleep without them)
- reading stories
- sitting up in the shopping cart
- riding in the jogging stroller
- drinking glass out of a cup
- video chat with Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunts, Uncles, and cousins
- her daddy

At nine months, Evie dislikes:
- getting out of the tub
- getting her diaper changed
- when she can't reach something
- when she can't have dangerous objects to put in her mouth such as: knives, cell phones, scissors, and pens.
- tummy time
- when mom leaves the room (even for a SECOND)
- wearing headbands (I think a part of me has officially died)

At nine months, Evie has:
- the biggest bluest eyes ever
- luscious pink lips
- huge fatty kissable cheeks

At nine months, Evie is ticklish in her neck.

At nine months, Evie is still sitting up like a champ.

At nine months, Evie weighs 17 pounds. (25%)

At nine months, Evie just over 28 inches tall. (75%)

At nine months, Evie's head is about 17 inches around. (50%)

At nine months, Evie is still loving (and fitting in) her bumbo.

At nine months, Evie is still the most fashionable baby in town. (its not really that difficult in Eugene, but hey! A win's a win.)

At nine months, Evie is still:
- the apple of her mama's eye
- the bread to her daddy's butter
- the belle of the ball

At nine months, Evie makes everything:
- sweeter
- messier
- better

If nine months ago you would have told me how much I'd love this girl I wouldn't have believed it. My love grows as quickly as she does.
I guess I'm just grateful I can keep up!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

California, Meet Evie.

We got up at 4 AM to catch an early morning flight to CA after Christmas. Nick and I were both pretty apprehensive as to how Evster would do on the plane. Ev is the definition of independent. She hates being rocked, cuddled or soothed to sleep. She likes to be read stories and then promptly laid in bed so she can soothe herself by putting her blankies over her face.

In other words, she doesn't do well when she can't just go to sleep on her own.
Because of this, I was nervous that she would scream her head off the entire flight (nap time) because my lap would be the only place for a nap.
I bet you are all assuming she was an angel.

She was not. She cried pretty hard the first half hour. But she eventually gave in and fell asleep for the remainder of the flight. When we landed she started crying again, but Nick and I were both grateful that she mostly slept. It was way better than I thought it would be. I almost lost my arm due to lack of circulation, but it was completely worth it.

Here she is on her first flight:

I think I can officially say that Ev loves California. She loved the warm, sunny weather and all the attention she got from Grandmas, Grandpas, and Aunts. She was the focus everywhere she went and she totally ate it up.

While in Irvine we watched Nick's cousin McKay play basketball. He's a stud.
Exhibit A:

Nick snuggled with Bentley, his family's dog:

And we got to see the Conleys! I have been DYING to see them especially since they had their new baby, Zelda. She and Evie are only four months apart and they share the same middle name! (Kate) We got to eat lunch (Cafe Rio) with Tiff, Ryan, Brooklyn, and Zelda while Ryan gave us a tour of his work at Blizzard. It was an amazing tour. We got to see the in and outs of Blizzard and how it functions as a company. Ryan was an amazing tour guide and it was a blast.

How adorable is Brooklyn's hair?

Ev posin'.

Opening presents.

And eating presents.

The Evelyns!

We shopped (we are so spoiled), ate (we are so fat), and played games (we are so competitive) for a whole week in Irvine. It was so much fun to spend time with Nick's family and finally get Ev to California. Nick's Mom and Grandparents spoiled us to death! It was so fun opening such adorable toys, clothes, and books for Evie. We are definitely missing the sunny weather now that we are back in Eugene, but we are hoping to get back to CA for Melinda's graduation. (Masters Program!)

And here are a few random pics of Evie.
Nick taught her this one I'm pretty sure:

She is attempting to pick her nose here. Unfortunately, she is usually fairly accurate in this endeavor.

Nick's Grandma (Evelyn) gave Ev a Madame Alexander baby doll for Christmas and she absolutely LOVES it. Was is it with little girls and dolls?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Kardashian Kristmas

I guess I'm a little behind on blogging, but the Kardashians are so cool that its worth the wait right?

Our Christmas was wonderful, despite the fact that we didn't have snow! That part was practically tragic, but I tried not to let it get me down. We also missed having the Burnetts with us, as Keith was stuck in the hospital. It was so nice to be home for Christmas. We hadn't spent a Christmas with my family in two years and it couldn't have come at a better time. (IE: right after Nick's first law school finals).

Our Kardashian Kristmas included:

Posing for the paparazzi.



New Christmas Eve jammies.

Playing with Puffy.

Sister bonding. (Missed you Kourt!)

Music making.

LOTS of cheek chub.


Wrapping presents.

And more puzzling.

Kendall and I are only pretending to do the puzzle here.
Also, it was 3 PM and we were still in our jammies. (love that about Christmas vacay)

After church the rentals posed for some pics.
Kris and Bruce - you guys are ridiculously good looking. (Thank goodness Bruce took his earrings out for this pic!)

Kim and Lil' Evie.


This was the best pic we got of our family on Christmas day. Ev is picking her nose and I look like a weirdo. Yay, us!

Us minus Bruce (church meetings) and Lamar (taking the pic).


Evie got this "Parisian Princess" chair from her grandparents for Christmas. It is completely adorable and she LOVES reading stories in it. I just plop her in the chair and read her stories while I sit on the floor. She could do it all day and thankfully, so could I!

How cute does she look in her chair?

Nick started a new tradition for Evie each Christmas. She is going to receive a new pair of Nikes every year from him. She loved them obviously.

Where's Evie?

Opening her first present.

The standard nasty-just-woke-up-Christmas-morning-pic.

Evster and me.

My sibs, soooo hot right now.

Ev and I just hanging out Christmas Eve.

Since our family is currently "international," we had those of us who have lived internationally share traditions from the places they have lived. It was fun. We usually dress up as the nativity while my Grandpa reads from Luke, but we decided to just focus on listening to him this year. It was wonderful. I will never tire of hearing my Grandfather read about the Savior's birth. It is the highlight of my Christmas Eve.

I'm just so grateful we always get to spend our holidays with family, either in California or Washington. Being in school always gives us a huge break so we are able to do so. It will be sad when we don't have such big breaks.

After Christmas in Yakivegas we flew with Evie (the first time!) to warm and sunny CA. More on that to come!