Thursday, January 20, 2011

Faire du Shopping

If Stacy and Clinton have taught me nothing else - it's that a girl can never have too many go-to basics. The oh-so-flattering pencil skirt, the great pair of tush-envy jeans, the everyday black pumps - the list goes on.
While I have already compiled a similar list for my daughter, I realized she might have to wait a few years to enjoy pumps or a pencil skirt. So, I tweaked the list to be more baby friendly. Here it is:

Stacy and Clinton's List for the Baby Fashionista
1. Endless supply of adorable everyday onesies. (Always flattering for the delicious diaper bum)
2. Copious pairs of itty-bitty shoes and socks that look like shoes.
3. A great Polo dress or twelve.
4. Black, Black, Black. Always chic, always slimming, black on baby girls is magnifique!
5. A great pair of bootylicious baby jeans. (Its never too early to shake what your mama gave you)
6. Fur. Need I say more?
7. A Ruffled swimsuit for those lazy days by the pool.
8. Apply animal prints liberally. (AAPL)
9. Leggings. The chubbier the thighs, the tastier the baby.
10. A timeless peacoat. (With matching beret of course)

I have furiously been trying to round up all of the items on Stacy and Clinton's list. From the womb, our daughter is already at the top of her game in terms of fashion. Who said never wearing the same thing twice is a bad thing? Definitely not our beignet, she's ready to take the shopping world by storm.

I'll show our efforts by displaying the following photos. We are currently hard at work at number one on Stacy and Clinton's list and Grandma She-She and Grandma Jordan are furiously working on numbers 2-10. (Gotta love the Grandmas)

Here are some onesies that Aunt Darel and I have been working on the past several weeks:
They are super easy to make and really fun. If we can do it, anybody can!

Wish me luck with the shopping Gods.

Oh and here is a picture of me. I am 27 weeks today.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Confessions of a Pregnant Model

Snick had an amazing Christmas break/New Years. But with the crazy move and lots of traveling, I need a nap just thinking about elaborating on it all. So, in true narcissistic fashion, I figured you are all just dying to see pictures of my pregnant belly. I'm officially over six months and I'm looking pretty fantastic these days.

I debated whether I should put this picture of Snick on here - I mean, I don't want to make all those other "fat" and "bloated" pregnant people feel bad about themselves. But seriously, don't Nick and I look incredibly divine? Life is hard when you are so good looking - we are just trying to get by, taking it one day at a time. In fact, I was going to post our New Years Resolutions to force us to be accountable, but then I took a second look at our picture and realized that people with our genetic composition don't need futile attempts at self-improvement. We're already improved.

In equally gorgeous news, Brad Womack is a fox. But a vampire on the Bachelor? I think the Twilight wagon has run its course. I'm personally rooting for the blonde who lost her nascar-driving husband in a plane crash and found out several days later that she was pregnant. (I'm so sentimental these days) Obviously not sentimental enough to remember her name, but she's one of my faves nonetheless.

I'm not going to let myself blog anymore until Snick is officially moved into our house. We've got stuff everywhere and its driving everyone crazy. So, farewell until I can force my amazing pregnant figure to get off my rear and do something.
Happy New Year!