Monday, May 11, 2015

SpiderMinx turns FOUR

Name: Evelyn Kate

Age: 4

Favorite color(s): Pink, blue & rainbow

Favorite thing about school: Being the special helper

Best friend(s): Clarissa & Anna

Favorite thing to play with: My friends (as in her STUFFED animal friends)

Favorite food: Watermelon

Favorite treat: Nutella Toast

Favorite thing to watch: Daniel Tiger

Favorite thing to do: Play with mom

If you could go anywhere in the world: Disneyland

If you could go out to a restaurant: The carrot restaurant and I would eat carrot cake. (I have NO idea where this is from...)

It was fun to ask Ev a bunch of questions in preparation for her birthday. And golly-gee-WHIZ how is she four years old?! Its nuts, which is perfect because she's nuts. Nobody makes me pee my pants with laughter and cry in frustration within the same five minutes like Ev does. Sometimes I'm amazed at how much we need her in our family. It's often evidenced by the things that come out of her mouth.

For example:

Ev: "Hey mom, I had a dream today about a unicorn with rainbows on it."
Me: "Do you want to tell me about it?"
Ev: "Yeah. The rainbow unicorn flied me so fast to Princess Land. So fast it flied me. That's what happened in my dream."

In reference to the blood vessel on Anna's back:

Ev: "Mom, why does Anna have that little thing on her?" 
Me: "It's a blood vessel."
Ev: "Did she just put it on there?"
Me: "She was born with it."
Ev: "Did someone color on her?"
Me: Nope. That's just how she was born."
Ev: "She had it as a baby? ... So when she was baby Jesus, that's when she got that thing on her?"
Me: "Not quite."


Ev: "Everytime I see lunch bob, I laugh."

Yelling from the toilet:
Ev: "Clarissa! Do you want to come watch me go poop?"
Me: Nobody wants to watch you go poop."
Ev: "Yes they do."

In reference to Gumball, Ev's imaginary friend:

Me: "Where is Gumball?"
Ev: "He's at his house."
Me: "Where does he live?"
Ev: "He lives in the pretend Apple trees by our house. So ... he lives next to us."
Me: "That's cool."
Ev: "Yeah, he's my imaginary friend."
Me: "What does Gumball look like?"
Ev: "He has gumball eyes."

Ev: "Hey mom! You know what two words sound the same? ... Fire and pacifier!"

Ev: (Sigh) "I wish I was sitting out in the hot sun eating a donut right now."

Looking at her school pictures:

Ev: "Mom! Did I do this in London?"
Me: "No, I think you took it at school."

School Picture 2015

Ev: "Now I have four owies! Maybe I'm an owie person who only gets owies."

Ev: "What's faith?"
Me: "Faith is when you believe in something that you can't see, but you know it's real. Like Jesus. We know he lives, but we can't see him."
Ev: "Mom, we can't see him because he's white."

Me: "Hey, I like your smores!"
Ev: "No! It’s a chocolate marshmallow cookie sandwich!"
Me: "Yeah, that’s called smores."
Ev: "Oh."

In reference to her Whistler, Canada shirt:

Me: "Ev, we live in the USA, but there are other countries that other people live in. Like Canada. Your shirt says whistler because its in Canada."
Ev: "Mom! I know that place! The care bears live there!"
Me: "Are you sure?"
Ev: "Oh yeah, I saw it on Care Bears once."

Ev’s prayer on breakfast recently:
Heavenly Father,

Thank you for this day. Bless the food. Jesus made the world and all of us. He died today and then he came back to life. Help us to see Jesus in a couple weeks. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

At Target:
Ev: "What's your name?"
Cashier: "Wendy. What's yours?"
Ev: "Evelyn Kate, but you can call me normal Evelyn."

As you can see, it's never dull or quiet at our house. Evie knows exactly how to fill every awkward silence and peaceful contemplative moment, and most of the time, I'm grateful for that. 

At four years old, Evelyn is curious, defiant and spunky.

She is bold, pushy and beautiful.

She is smart, creative and weird.

She is loud, expressive and picky.

She is playful, passionate and lively.

Her personality continues to unfold exponentially and she changes everyday. Constantly growing, asking questions and articulating statements as if they were fact. ("Rainbow is a color, Mom!") We adore our curly, frizzy-haired minx.

She is a wild one for sure!

Happy Birthday, Ev!