Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sprung Broke Part 3

After staying with the Tranes, our buds the Reids let us crash at their place. We've stayed at their place before and it's normally not a big deal, but the Reids are having a BABY! Poor Lauren was so sick the whole time, but still managed to play hostess. We ate food (except Lauren who felt ill), played games, just chatted it up. It felt like old times which of course made us desperately miss old times. 

I just have to say this because I love to brag. Laur and I came back from a 200 point deficit to beat the boys in one hard core came of Rook. Yeah!

Sadly we got no pictures of the Reids. Boo on us. I guess we'll have to come visit them again and get more pics.

Aunt Chels stopped by to love on Ev.

And so did Aunt D.

When Darel sees a camera, her closet Tyra is released. Fierce and love, baby.

Like I said, Khloe + Kendall = impropriety and LOTS of chin rolls.

See? Chin Rolls are definitely genetic.

Darel wins!

Just kidding. I am the reigning Queen of the neck fat.
Beat that Kendall!

We even got in a quick lunch with the Jolleys. This is Emma, Nick's cousin Haley's daughter. She was so nice to Evie and even helped her get around the wood floors.

Such a doll!

We didn't take pictures of so many people we saw and we even missed a few people, but we did our best. I just wish we could have spent unlimited time with everyone, but it was still an incredibly fun vacation.

By the end of the week, Ev was tuckered out.
I guess that's what being popular does to a girl.


chelsea said...

I am so glad you guys got to go to UT for Spring Break. I guess we have to enjoy Spring breaks now before we aren't students anymore. PS. I know I say this all the time but you really are the best writer. "If Dr. Seuss and Stephanie Meyer had a love child..." tots genius!

Darrell said...

sounds like an awesome trip before Nick is neck deep in gators, ie finals!