Sunday, March 30, 2014

Slappy Cakes

On Valentine's Day we went to brunch in Portland at Slappy Cakes.

It was so fun. You pick your type of pancake batter and toppings and then you cook your own pancakes by yourself. Ev was in heaven.

She insisted on having her own menu.

Her face when Nick told her she could have chocolate chips in her pancakes.

You would think I never let her have sugar or something, which we all know is a total lie. 

I think Anna had a good time (she slept like the angel baby she is).

I chose sweet potato batter and Nick and Ev shared the plain buttermilk.

Turbo the snail.

It was delicious and pretty dang fun. 

I honestly cherish these moments we get as a family. I feel like its so rare that we get to have a whole day to do whatever we want together. And even though its such a pain to haul our toddler and infant around, wait in line to eat and then grapple them while we attempt to eat ourselves, its still worth it to me. 

Not Sure Where to Start

I'm still so behind on this blog, I'll probably never be caught up. Here's what we were up to in the first half of February. 

Evie has been such a challenge lately (more on this later). However, she has mastered the art of being nice to her sister (for the moment). She is always getting diapers for Anna when I need to change her, putting her pacifier back in her mouth when she drops it, getting toys for her, etc. She really does love Anna, despite being relatively jealous of her the first few months. Also, moms out there who only have one child who doesn't like taking pictures - just have another. Ev went through a phase where she HATED having her picture taken, but now that she sees me take pictures of Anna she is obsessed with getting her picture taken. She is constantly asking me to take a picture of the mundane things she does on a daily basis. Or if she thinks she's being funny, she asks, "Mom, take a picture of me being funny." 

We went to an Oregon game as a family.

And yes we starved Evie, bought her the largest size popcorn available and enjoyed the game... until the popcorn was gone.

This girl can pound the popcorn. If she wasn't a child it would be disgusting to watch her shove kernel after kernel in her mouth as if it was her last meal.

Anna girl.

Can't leave her on the couch anymore cuz she's a roller!

On days when its super duper rainy or I just can't seem to get my lazy buns on a run, I do a workout video. Ev loves to do yoga, pilates, and Jillian Michaels with me. Well, she loves to jump on my back when I'm attempting to lift my schlubby self into a push-up or army crawl underneath my downward dog. 

I can't explain why Evelyn has no clothes on in this picture.
I also can't explain why I'm wearing my pajamas to work out in.
I'm clearly making big strides in the fitness department.

Ev switched my phone camera to a certain filter and since I'm a dumbo when it comes it technology I could not figure how to get it off for like three days! So this photo is weirdly faded but oh so cute!

Anna still blows raspberries when she's sleepy.

Oregon had ANOTHER big snow dump this winter. I couldn't believe it. 
Ev was so excited to go out and play in the snow like Anna and Elsa (we might have sung "Let it Go," while eating snow).

Some cute snow kids.

When I was little my mom used to put food coloring on snow and we'd pretend they were snow cones. I fondly remember spooning bright red snow into my mouth and eating it thinking it tasted exactly like Tiger's Blood. 

Ev kept telling me that the plain white snow she was eating tasted like Olaf.

Also, my kids are growing at an incredibly terrifying rate. 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Word With Perd

If you were the mold that probably lives on our ceiling or the one of ten million spiders that inhabits our apartment, you might have heard the following the past few months:

Ev - "Mom you're a princess. You can Princess Mom and I'll be Evie Jordan. And Bear can be Bear Jordan and Ket can be Ket Jordan."


I'm changing Ev's diaper and somehow a mound of Frosted Flakes has found its way into her pants.

Ev - "Mom I have Frosted Flakes in my poop."
Me - "Well they are just in your diaper now, but after you eat them your tummy takes all the nutrients and then you poop out what you don't need. So eventually there will be Frosted Flakes in your poop."
Ev - "Sinny! That's so funny!"


(Pretending to fall off her bike)
Ev -"Sinny! Its the emergencies! Help! I'm falling! Its the emergencies!"


(Me returning from running errands)
Ev - "Mom, you bring something for me?"
Me - "Um, yeah but its not very exciting. I got you some pants from Target for $3."
Ev - "Mom! They have polka dots! This is so exciting! I love my pants from Target for $3!"

Me - "Okay Ev I'm going to drop off the laundry."
Ev - "Look! Polka dots! Goodbye polka dots and mommy and clothes!"


Ev - "Can I have a Rolo?"
Me - "No you may not."
Ev - "Aww man! I can't believe it!"


Ev - "Oh no! I spilled! Sorry milk...Hey Sydney, I spilled. Clean it up!"


Ev - "Somebody's poopy."
Me - "Who is it?"
Ev - "Me."
(Ten minutes later)
Ev - "Somebody needs their friends."
Me - "Who?"
Ev - "Me."
(5 minutes later)
Ev - "Somebody burped."
Me - "Who?"
Ev - "Me."
(Thirty seconds later)
Ev - "Somebody spilled."
Me - "Was it you?"
Ev - "Yeah... Hey Sydney! Somebody spilled again."

Ev - "Mom, I just love my coat."
Me - "I love it too! Did you know Grandma gave it to you?"
Ev - "Yeah... Hey mom, I really love your coat on you."
Me - "Thanks Ev."


(Driving in the car)
Ev - "Hey mom, did you make a cinnamon roll for me?"
Me - "Yes I did."
Ev - "Yay! I just can't wait to get home and see my cinnamon roll."
(Walking in the door)
Ev - "Hello cinnamon roll! I'm going to eat you!"
(While I'm cutting it up)
Ev - "Hey Sinny, watch out for those sticky pieces."

Ev - "Mom can I drink this?"
Me - "Sure."
Ev - "Hey Sinny, thanks for sharing."
Me - "You're welcome."


(Grabbing at my drink at dinner)
Me - "Ev! You don't grab other people's food or drinks, especially since you have your own and it's the same thing mom has."
Ev - "No, you listen to me. I'm going to have a little sip and give it back."

(Pointing to an imaginary tree in our house)
Ev - "Mom! My kitty is up in a tree! Help me get it!"


(While changing Ev's diaper)
Me - "Oh my goodness, a piece of poop literally flew out of your pants."
Ev - "Mom! Its the emergencies!"


Me - "Ev, what's your favorite food?"
Ev - "Uhhh, cinnamon roll, watermelon, sprinkles, toast aaaaaand cupcakes!"


(While doing Jillian Michaels together)
Me - "Ev, don't give up! You can do it!" (While doing jumping jacks)
Ev - "This is fun!" 
(Does two jumping jacks)
Ev - "Whew! I'm tired! Its too hard."
(A few minutes later, I'm huffing and puffing)
Ev - "Mom! Don't get up! You can do it!"

(While reading scriptures)
Me - "Ev, who is this?"
Ev - "Jesus."
Me - "Who is that?"
Ev - "John the Bad guy."
Me - "No, its John the Baptist."
Ev - "John the Bad guy?"
Me - "John the Baptist."
Ev - "Oh."

As you can see, its NEVER a dull moment in Jordanville.