Sunday, July 31, 2011

Blue Eyes

As a Kardashian, I never thought I'd have a blue-eyed baby. In fact, I actually assumed they would eventually turn brown.
I think my assumption might be wrong, ya?

Friday, July 29, 2011


Lets play two truths and a lie.
1. My baby has a tooth.
2. My baby is 3 1/2 months old.
3. My baby is sleeping through the night. <--- LIE

I tried to get a picture of the alleged tooth. However, baby Jaws immediately attacks your finger like Johnny Tsunami on a surfboard.

Here is baby Jaws, salivating, waiting for its next nipple - uhhhh, I mean snack.

The innocent killer:

If only she was this complacent when her teeth were slicing through her gums.

Monday, July 25, 2011

What To Do When You Meet a Celebrity

1. Don't freak out. They are normal people too, right?

2. Don't reach for your cellphone to take a picture, or if you are me and hate technology, don't reach for your planner and breast cancer awareness pen to get an autograph.

3. If, you are unable to control the teenage girl inside of you, then casually and cooly disregard rules 1 and 2.

I bet you are dying to know which celebrity I met. Are you? Are you?
I'll get to that part eventually. Just know that rule 3 was totally written for me. Will I ever mature? Will I ever stop watching TV shows like Pretty Little Liars and The Bachelor? Will I ever surpress the need for a bright-colored velour sweatsuit or my love for Justin Bieber/Backstreet Boys?

I will let the bloggers out there contemplate the answers to those intellectual questions. But for now, I'd like to announce that I met Louis Armstrong two weeks ago.
Some of you may be wondering how this is possible since Mr. Armstrong has been presumably dead for quite some time now. Well I'm here to tell you that our dear friend Louis is alive and well, still playing the tunes while looking jazzy.

Here's what went down:
I happened to be outside laying poolside when I felt the unbelievable urge to quench my thirst. As I walked into the house I stumbled upon Louis doing his thing (aka jamming on the trumpet). I was speechless. There he was, Louis Armstrong, in the flesh. Literally, nothing but the flesh.
What's a girl to do?
Well, the teenage girl inside of me is more like a deadly dragon waiting to be unleashed in many social situations, sooooo I grabbed my camera and snatched a few pics of my fleshy friend Louis.

Isn't he a dish?

My two-week blog hiatus needs to end, but I'm currently a little star struck. Hopefully I'll be able to shake it off and fill you in on the happenings of Snick and Snickerdoodle later this week.

We may or may not be driving to Eugene, Oregon to find a place to call home tomorrow...

Friday, July 8, 2011

The B.C.F's

B.C.F. stands for Best Cousins Forever.
Ally and Evie totally love each other. And I love that they love each other.

Such love can only be manifested with matching outfits.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

LAW SCHOOL: The Decision

Where in the world are the Jordans going to law school?

I'll give you a hint.

Quack! Quack!

That's right. Nick will be attending the University of Oregon school of law starting August 17th!
First of all, I've got to say how proud I am of my hubby. He has spent over a year studying, taking the LSAT, writing personal statements, applying to law school, researching loans, housing, and areas to live, clerking for my dad's law firm, and waiting, waiting, waiting to hear back from all the schools we applied to. After months of not knowing where law school would take us, it now seems overwhelming. We have less than a month to find a place to live, pack up and move our family to Eugene, Oregon where we'll be spending the next three years!

We are thrilled to start our newest adventure and even more excited to start it in Oregon. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Nick served in the Eugene Oregon Mission and specifically served on U of O campus. I'll have to remember to ask him if he likes being a student on campus or a missionary on campus better this fall.
2. U of O was our #1 choice.
3. We love the Northwest. I grew up here and there is no where I'd rather end up or raise my family. The Northwest, and Oregon specifically is so beautiful and we can't wait to explore the great outdoors while wearing our birkenstocks and hemp t-shirts. (Just kidding)
4. The church is so strong in Oregon and we can't wait to experience the student wards they have there. (Nick served in several of them while on his mission.)
5. The Portland temple ties with Newport Beach as my favorite temple.
6. My sister lives in Tigard (right outside of Portland) and I can't wait to be close to her. Plus Evie can hang out with her cousins.
7. U of O football games. I hope everyone reading this blog takes this as a personal invitation to come stay with us and go to a game!
8. We won't have to pump our own gas for three years. (Not really sure if this is that great, but whatev.)
9. We're only an hour and half from the coast.
10. The largest natural sea lion cave is in Oregon. (I hate animals, but I can still appreciate them from afar)
11. Eugene is ranked by Bicycling Magazine as one of the top ten cycling communities in the US. (Nick is pumped about this one)
12. There are 9 lighthouses along the Oregon coastline. Who doesn't love a lighthouse?
13. The tallest peak in Oregon is Mt. Hood at 11,239 ft. A mountain that Nick and I have both summited.
14. The Tillamook cheese factory is in Oregon. (As the self-proclaimed Cheese Queen, you know this one gets me excited)
15. We love the rain. Seriously it makes me so happy. Plus its an excuse to buy a raincoat or two (or three or four...)

So it's obvious that Nick and I are extremely excited about our admission into U of O.
But how does Evie feel about all of this?

You tell me.

We feel so blessed to have an opportunity to attend our #1 law school. We appreciate all the thoughts and prayers on Nick's behalf. And don't forget to come visit us!


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Welcome Home Elder Smart!

The Shea-boy is home!

While most people would say the Smarts are crazy and weird, I would say ... they are probably right. And in true Smart fashion, the craziness just gets crazier. One of our most recent family mottos is this: "Anything worth doing, is worth overdoing." To be honest, I'm not sure why it took us so long to come up with this motto. Its always been a "go big or go home" kinda home in the Smart House and when the several weeks before Shea came home turned into several days, we all began to go crazy. Counting down the minutes and hours only helped for awhile. We needed something to do! So Darel and I put our blood, sweat, and tears into a ridiculously huge sign in hopes that Shea would feel sufficiently welcomed home.

Like I said, "Anything worth doing, is worth overdoing," so we felt that a school-bus-sized sign simply wasn't enough. Why not find the old "S-H-E-A" t-shirts that we used to wear when Shea wrestled in the state tournament as well? And hey! Lets all wear UNC hats to represent our favorite of the Carolinas!

But wait! That's definitely not enough to creep out the entire Yakima Airport! Lets dress baby Ev in cute onesie too.

She loved it obviously.

Anyway, here he is! Looking even more handsome than before!

We've loved having Shea home. He's such an impressive young man. I never thought I'd say that about my little brother, but he is so mature and wise. We have been so blessed as a family while he served his mission, but we are so glad he's back in the crazy Smart Clan.

Ev looked so cute for church today I had to take a bajillion pictures or two. She is such a love.
Aaaaaaaaaaand she slept through the night last night for the first time. I'm pretty sure it was just a fluke. She NEVER sleeps past 4 AM and won't go down for the night before midnight, but last night was a DREAM. 11:30-6:30. IT WAS AWESOME. I feel so well rested today its unreal. Anyway, here's some cuteness from the Ev:

Also, Nick and Ev take such cute pictures together. This morning I was determined to get a cute one of mother and daughter. She was so polite for Dad.

Exhibit A:

And then right on schedule, she got hungry while I was trying to get a cute picture with her.

Exhibit B:

Someday we'll get a good one. For now, we'll just stick together and both have a sad face.

Exhibit C:

Happy Sabbath!