Saturday, October 29, 2011

Eviecake, Eviecake

Getting to Know Evie Jordan
Age: 6 months
Weight: 15 lb. 2 oz. (28%)
Height: 25 3/4 inches (50%)
Head size: 16 3/4 inches (50%)
Favorite Food: peaches or butternut squash
Least favorite food: barley cereal
Foods she has tried in the last month: apples, pears, zucchini, leeks, asparagus, sweet potato

Favorite hobbies: playing with Dad, chewing on feet, biting Sophie la giraffe's head off, cooking with Mom, and getting massages from Mom or Dad after bath time.
Favorite chores: Vacuuming, watching mom scrub toilets, taking baths.
Favorite workouts: playing in the jumper, yoga, and walks with mom.
Least favorite workouts: tummy time, strength training with Dad.

Ideal Date: Going to Joanns with Mom and coming home to Dad surprising us at the door. Then off to Home Depot as a family, followed by a nice dinner of peaches. A long luxurious bath and some milk before bedtime.

Pet peeves: When mom takes too many pictures of me and when people at the store ask Mom if I'm a boy when I'm wearing a pink headband.

If I could go any place in the world I would go to: Portland to visit my cousins, either of my grandma's homes, the light section at Home Depot (it mesmerizes me!), or Paris. (duh!)

Things that make me laugh: Mom, Dad and Aunt Darcee.

My best friend is: Ally Pally (my cousin).

Favorite TV show: Dad only lets me watch football, but he doesn't know that Mom has let me watch Project Runway on occasion. So to answer the question, Project Runway is my favorite TV show.

Favorite college football team: GO DUCKS!

How many teeth do you have? Just one, but I have three more that you can see under my gums and I drool buckets each day.

Can you roll over both ways? Yes, but I'm pretty lazy and usually I just lay on the floor kicking my legs.

Are you sitting up by yourself? Almost. My record is seven seconds before falling over.

Crawling? Not even close.

Other things that I love: Cupcakes, when mom wears me in the Bjorn at Costco, sitting in my Bumbo, and screaming like a parrot on a daily basis.

Proof that Evie loves cupcakes:

The reason why Mom is so behind on all her chores:

Friday, October 28, 2011

Flashback Friday: Always and Forever

My parents were married in the 70's. Need I say more?
Here is a video clip of their "song," Always and Forever. I think the video speaks for itself. You know everyone was busting a move at their wedding...

This June, it will be 33 years since my parents were sealed in the Cardston, Alberta Temple. My mom summed up their marriage perfectly when she said this to me before I got married,

"I thought it would be crazy to get married at 18, but I knew it would be even crazier not to marry a guy like your Dad."

She definitely got the crazy part right.
(This is where you insert an interruption of some weird narcissist joke by my Dad. Here are several that he is undoubtedly thinking in his head right now):

"Yeah, crazy good!"
"Crazy? Are you talking about the crazy anacondas that you call my biceps?"
"You're mom just couldn't get enough of me."
"Edward Cullen has nothing on me."
"I am handsome Rob."

I could go on, but I don't want to steal all my Dad's jokes or he won't be able to comment for lack of jokes.

This is how my parents met. A beautiful college cheerleader meets a buff college wrestler.

Engagement pictures. The nightgown - ahem, excuse me, the dress my mom is wearing makes her look so tall. So tall in fact, that Nick commented that it actually makes my Dad look statuesque too.

They truly bring out the best in one another.

And their wedding day.

I am convinced that my wedding pictures will never look dated. Is it possible to escape it? The head to toe white on my Dad is just awesome. My parents are like floating heads amongst a sea of white polyester and lace. Jokes aside, these two are ridiculously good looking. And 32 (almost 33) years of marriage has exponentially multiplied their undeniable hotness.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Three Loves

Love #1.
My baby bear. (Bear can also be spelled D-R-O-O-L)

Love #2.
My Fam. (Is it just me or do I look TIRED?)

Love #3.
Stephen Colbert.
When Nick comes home from school and Evie is down for the night, Snick spends a romantic evening watching the Colbert Report. I could not resist posting this snippet from Monday's episode. The last minute is an ab-worker. (Or maybe Snick just needs to hit the gym)

Things have been crazy lately. And by crazy I mean busy. I can't wait to post pics of our recent endeavors and to post on Friday for FF. I promise I won't leave you hangin'!

Monday, October 17, 2011

A Riddle

Here's a riddle for you:
What's covered in fur and six months all over?

My sweet baby girl.

Her preciousness is only extenuated with this adorable fur vest that my Aunt Nancy gave me. I have been waiting and waiting for Ev to fit into it. (I may have tried it on her every week for the past couple months) Plus the beige boots from Grandma She-She just put Ev over the top of the cute-meter.

Dad and his six-month old polar bear.

We also went up to Portland last week to hang out with the Burnetts.
This little guy never ceases to amaze me.

At a whopping 26 pounds (give or take), Keith was scooting around the kitchen floor carrying a 10-lb. sack of potatoes behind him. Even though his mobility is limited to mostly scooting around, he does it with a smile. And despite having a nasty round of chemo a few weeks ago, Keith was really upbeat during our visit last week. He is so concerned for others, even when he feels crummy. He is constantly asking questions like,
"Cole, do you want to color this with me?"
"Here Ally, do you want this sword?"
"Does Evie want to hold my hand?"

It is the sweetest thing.

Just being with Keith is a good reminder of how selfish we can be. Everyday is such a struggle and despite it all, he worries about the people around him. I constantly have to remind myself that he is only a little boy (he'll be four next month). He has mastered the art of selflessness and I admire it.

Plus he is so cuddly and is hands down, my favorite movie-watching buddy. Please keep him in your prayers. Even the strongest people need help sometimes. I know Keith's optimism is the direct result of so many people thinking of him on a daily basis and I just hope that it can continue through all of this.

The Burnett house is always a good time. We enjoyed playing in the backyard, watching scary Scooby-Doo's, snuggling, giving kisses, and celebrating Brent's birthday.

Grandma She-She and Ev.

Keith reading his new book.

The Face was there of course. And yes, she got cuter since the last time I saw her.

Even with the crazy Smart hair, she is the most adorable niece an aunt could ask for.

Is that the juiciest peach of a bum you've ever seen?

The boys swinging.

Keith "holding" Evie's hand.

All the grandkids. Grandma She-She and Grandpa Puffy are lucky to have such beautiful grandkids.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dove Evolution

I apologize for the lack of Flashback Friday. I hope this makes up for it.

Every girl should see this video!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

JB's Girl

If you don't know who "JB" is, then you are probably a social leper. Since I'm a nice person, I'll save you before you jump off the highest social cliff there is.

JB = Justin Bieber.

If you don't know who Justin Bieber is, you should probably bite the bullet and jump off the cliff anyway because not knowing who he is = social suicide.

And before I post pictures of JB's girl, I should probably publicly apologize to my husband. I can't help it that Ev loves JB. Even babies can't shield themselves from his charm - he is a magnet full of chronic happiness.

So, since my baby loves that she's JB's baby, my sister and I made her an outfit to display such affections.
Here for your enjoyment, is JB's girl:

Is JB a lucky guy or what?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Pumped Up Kicks

Last week was one of the happiest of Nick's life.

Because Ev finally fit into her baby Nikes. Nick has had them out on display since before Evie was born, just waiting until she could fit into them. They are still way too big on her, but they fit well enough to stay on for a few minutes before she kicks them off.

Even though Nick is so busy with school, he always makes time for his two favorite girls. It is so cute to see how excited Evie gets when Nick walks in the door, especially if she hasn't seen him for a day or two.

Here is some Daddy/Daughter time caught on camera.
They usually work out together. Their workout typically includes:
Tummy time, balancing, practicing sitting up, and rolling over.

Nick showing Ev how to roll from her back to her tummy.

Stretching out before the big work out.

Ev and Nick watching conference together.

This is by far Evie's favorite time of the day. If Nick gets home in time to put Ev to bed, he reads her stories. She LOVES it.