Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Conference = Gluttony

Like I said, we drove up to Portland for Kim's B-day and it was a straight up blasty-blast. 
The next day was General Conference - hands down my favorite Sunday of the entire year. 

For those of you who haven't met a lot of Mormons or haven't watched the Biggest Loser, we LOVE to eat. I personally think its an integral part of our culture. We don't smoke, drink, or take in part in addictive substances, but we eat, and eat, and eat, and eat. Sadly, food can be addictive too, which is why this post is taking a turn for the hypocritical. I try not to let food run my life, but I too, like many other Mormons love food.

Back to Conference Sunday. Its a day where we spend the entire day in our pajamas, listen to the Prophet of God and his apostles speak tender words of advice, and EAT. I think I burned about 300 calories the whole day - I got up and down from the couch a few times to get yet another plate of food. (true story) Its amazing how you can be so spiritually uplifted and still feel like such a gluttonous slug.

I try not to eat so much, but the food is SO good. Especially when Mama She-She is in town cooking up a storm. Its unreal, folks.

Good food, great family, and even better spiritual advice makes for a fabulous weekend.

Of course in between sessions we goofed off a little:

Below is the HANDS DOWN the worst picture Nick and I have taken together. 
You're welcome:

Somebody LOVES the frosting in between oreos.

I was going to let your mind ponder who that person might be, but Cole makes it too easy to catch him in the act.

Ticket to Ride is just part of our lifestyle now:

Sorry D, you too, make it way too easy.

Ally's bum = juicy peach.

Al is currently obsessed with her cupcake underwear.

She even posed for the camera.

Adorbs, I know.

My goal for next Conference (October) is to hopefully not gain 6 pounds.

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Darrell said...

Don't worry, I gained the weight you were worried about.