Saturday, April 28, 2012

Moo to Marathon 2012

Today we ran the Eugene 5K. Its part of the Eugene Marathon Weekend. 8,000 people gather in Track Town, USA to take part in the 5K, Kids Dash, Half-Marathon, and Marathon. The slogan for the weekend is "Finishing Where the Legends Run," since the end of the race is a lap around Hayward Field where Prefontaine and other running legends have had careers. I can't lie, I felt like a freaking rock star (even though it was only 3.1 miles) when I was sprinting the last little bit in the stadium. It was so much fun. Here I am finishing (so not flattering, I know).

We ran with our friends the Harris' and the Jensens. This is Zac after his speedy finish:

Zac and Christie (Harris). Christie and I ran together every Tuesday and Thursday for the past little while as part of our "training." The most fun part of our "training" was definitely chit chatting as friends. Christie and Zac destroyed it and both achieved their goals of running it sub 30 minutes.

Here are the Jensens. Bryant pushed BOTH of their kids in a jogging stroller! The Jensens also finished in less than 30 minutes.

Here's everybody:


Here is where I insert a little tidbit about my husband AKA William Wallace the freaking MAN! The Eugene Marathon/Half/5k is sponsored by Krusteaz Pancakes. Every year a U of O track runner dresses up as a pancake and runs the 5K. If you beat the pancake then you win free pancakes for A YEAR! Last year the pancake was beat by 16 people, plus the suit weighs about 25 pounds, so Nick and I thought he had a pretty good chance of beating the pastry.

Here's what he looks like:

Anyway, Nick didn't even train AT ALL for the race and he was pretty nervous about beating the pancake since he'd heard the guy this year was pretty good.
Well the pancake this year was more than good. He set a pancake record and ran 5:22 per mile!
Unfortunately Nick didn't beat the pancake (only one person did and his mile was sub 5 minutes), but he did run 6:36 miles. Can I get a huzzah?!

Seriously, Nick is amazing. I hope one of our children inherits those long gams of his. Here are Nick's stats for the race:
Pace: 6:36 per mile
Time: 20:28
Gender place: 23 out of 216
Division place: 4 out of 24
Overall place: 25 out of 516

Incredible, right? Out of the 516 people that ran the race, only 24 beat Nick - and one was the bloody pancake. Plus his division is wicked hard (Men ages 25-29) and he placed fourth (the pancake was in his division too). 

I should probably add that the course was super hilly. The first mile was uphill (a slow, continual uphill) and the second was ridiculously steep. Neither of us was prepared for that! I was definitely sucking wind on the second mile. And now for me. I did pretty well. I was a little disappointed when I saw my time because I FELT like I was running way faster than the time said, but isn't that always the case? When you're music is blaring and you're feeling like a rock star, you feel like the pancake is way behind you trying to catch up instead of the other way around. Oh well, here are my stats:
Pace: 8:44 per mile
Time: 27:08
Division place: 3 out of 36
Gender place: 43 out of 314
Overall place: 136 out of 516

So I'm not the fastest kid in the race, but I was pretty excited when I was 3rd in my age group (Female ages 20-24). A little disappointed I didn't run faster - I seriously thought I was running 8 minute miles, but I guess it was in my head (it usually is). I've run a few 5K's and this one was definitely the most fun. So relaxed and so many different kinds of people. There is even an age group for ages 70-99! Three women and two men were in that age group - amazing! 

Which brings me to the reason for this post, besides the fact that we ran a race today. Today kicked off our first race of 2012, but certainly not our last. I mentioned awhile back about possibly running a longer race this year. Nick and I have been discussing it for quite some time and we both decided that this is the year to run some races together. We've only done one other race together (Half-Marathon) and since I'm not pregnant/nursing now is a great time. So 2012 is Moo to Marathon year. Our goals for the Moo to Marathon program are as follows: Run a 5K, Dirty Dash, 10K, Half Marathon, and Marathon before the year is up. 

I honestly wasn't sure I could do a Marathon - well I'm still not sure I can, but I'm young and if there was ever a time, its now. 
Here's our tentative schedule:
April - 5K
May - 10K
June - Dirty Dash
August - Half Marathon
October - Marathon

We're still working out the details and some of the sign ups for the races aren't even open yet, but we've decided that if we put them on the calendar there is no backing out! After running today I feel mostly anxious about the marathon. I know I can do a half and I had a blast running the 5K today, but a marathon seems incredibly long and sufferable. But I'm stubborn and its a goal that Nick and I have decided to do together in hopes to encourage us both. (He needs less encouraging than I)

We're trying to convince my Dad and maybe my sister to attempt Moo to Marathon 2012 as well. Why not make it a family party! All that said though, today was so much fun. The weather was gorgeous and the friends we ran it with are the bombdizzle.

Here's one last pic of all the girls:

Oh, and I wanted to include this. I always make fun of Nick for his playlists when he runs. Its usually classical, piano, or Enya. I laugh so hard because I can't imagine that this pumps him up, but he claims it gives him the motivation he needs. Here is Nick's playlist from today:
1. The Legend Spreads - Braveheart Soundtrack
2. It Girl - Jason DeRulo
3. Miseria Cantare, the beginning - AFI
4. Dancing through Sunday - AFI
5. Death of Seasons - AFI
6. Paper Tigers - Thrice
7. 99 Problems - Jay Z

Is that the most random playlist you've ever seen? I about died laughing. In iTunes it was titled "Beat the Pancake." I married a stud.

Here's my playlist for fun:
1. One Tribe - Black Eyed Peas
2. Domino - Jessie J
3. International Love - Pitbull
4. Brokenhearted - Karmin
5. Young Forever - The Ready Set
6. Eenie Meenie - Sean Kingston & JB
7. Love in America - JTX
8. I Can't Go for That/You Make my Dreams Come True - Glee Cast
9. Dynamite - Taio Cruz
10. Miracle - Matisyahu

Okay, mine's pretty random too. But still! Nick wins the weirdest playlist contest for sure.

Today was a good day and Nick and I are both feeling excited for this year and what it will bring for our fitness. Ha! That makes us sound way more official than we are, but we'll fake it until we make it.


jennica said...

i almost always run to jb.. its so inspirational. good luck on your runs. maybe you will motivate me!

Christie said...

Wow I am impressed...a marathon this year?! You go! I guess we need to hit the tread mill harder. Ha! Well I am very proud of you for running the race today! It was a lot of fun! And I totally want to do a dirty dash too! Maybe you should do one in Utah...with me! ;) Thanks for being my amazeballs running partner! You are the best!

Cassandra Worthington said...

Awesome job Syd! Can't believe you're going to do a marathon ahh! Also, side note, Eenie Meenie has totally been on my running playlist for about a year and a half. I just can't get enough!

Ben & Cassie said...

So impressed! You can def do it, i like that you said, we are young and if there was ever a time to do it, it's now! So TRUE! you look so great btw!

Sam said...

"Beat the Pancake." Best playlist title ever! You guys are so funny.

ecesunshine said...

Way to go Syd!! You are a rock star!

chelsea said...

you guys are amazballs! Even if you didn't beat the pancake. (PS. the legs on the pancake are killer) The London marathon was last weekend--maybe we need to start doing international races??:)

sheila said...

Congrats you two. Tell Nick I'll make him some killer pancakes as soon as you bring that baby Evie to my door!