Sunday, April 15, 2012

Queen Bee's Party

My Grandpa nicknamed Evie "The Queen Bee." Not only is this an apt name for my honey bee, it also worked as a darling party theme.

We decided to throw Evie a Queen Bee Party since she rules our beehive everyday.
As workerbees (her parents), Nick and I feel extremely fortunate to be apart of her life and we wanted to convey that on her first birthday.

I won't lie, I spent weeks preparing for her party. I thought I would be a little stressed making sure everything was perfect, but I had such a fun time. I think I was more excited for her birthday than she was.

Her party happened to be on National Potting Day so while Nick was at Home Depot a woman helped him plant some flowers for the big day. Albeit a novice, Nick rocked the florals at Ev's party and he will definitely be hired for BeeDay #2.

I should probably write pinterest a "thank you." I got the idea to make these lanterns. They were cheap and easy and turned out cute.

The spread.

The cake was so lopsided, but like the true perfectionist that I am, I just turned the ugly side away from our party guests. Nailed it!

I made the cake toppers out of wooden skewers, felt, and fabric.

For favors, we had mini honey bears.

And we served cupcakes for treats.

I also did a picture wall with month to month pics of Ev. I wish I would have planned ahead better and had her wear the same outfit or something similar in each picture so you could see her growth better, but she looked so darn cute in every picture and it didn't really matter anyway.

I used some old easter eggs and wrapped them in yarn to disguise them as bees.

The Queen Bee and her favorite worker bee.

The Queen Bee and her other favorite worker bee.

My sister has a friend in London who designs baby onesies. She designed this one for Ev's party. Thanks Aunt Chels!

And then it was time for cake. Evie is such a lady (just like her namesake!) and hardly made a mess while eating her cake.

She only used her pointer finger to poke at the frosting.

She seemed to like it okay, but wasn't really thrilled. I guess I thought she'd go crazy and get cake everywhere (hence the diaper-only attire) but she didn't. I think she was also confused as to why everyone was staring at her while she poked at a big yellow thing.

She loved opening presents though.

Some party goers:
We were so happy to see everyone!


And sweet Shelly.

Scott, one-half of our Ficklin buddies.

No this is not Heidi Klum. Sure looks like her though. Just my pal Emily who is often confused for the famous supermodel.

Even our favorite missionaries came. They had dinner at our house the night before the party and we invited them to stop by if they were in the area. (Also, I may have bribed them with cupcakes)

Evie's friend Izzy was very helpful with the gift opening. She also challenged Nick to a cupcake eating contest. Unfortunately Izzy only eats frosting, or she could have easily beat Nick. I think she licked the frosting off four cupcakes.

And Sir William, Evie's crush right now. They totally made out last week when they had a playdate. He's such a tease, as evidenced below:

And Will's parents, our friends the Vickerys. They are half-Canadian, half-semi-Washingtonians. Needless to say, we adore them.

My mom (who is not pictured because sadly we didn't get a picture of her) and my dad gave Evie this cupcake kitchen. It is completely adorable, and Evie loved it.

Ev's party was a success. She had such a good time and so did we. I'm just glad we got to celebrate Evie. She brings so much joy to so many people and she deserves to be appreciated. Since her actual birthday is tomorrow, we are still continuing the festivities. Stay tuned!


Alix Mae said...

Holy cuteness!! You are quite the crafty little mama, Syd! Love it all! :)

Amanda Jeffs said...

wow, sydney, great job with the party! everything looks perfect!

Rachey Elder said...

A-DOR-A-BLE! You should become a professional party planner. That is the cutest party I've ever seen, for the cutest girl! I'm seriously impressed. Happy BeeDay Queen Bee!

chelsea said...

Happy Birthday Evster!! Syd, you tots out did yourself. Everything turned out. I agree with Rach, you should start a party planning business. I'll help when I move back--Can you say Kate and Pippa???:) Love ya!

Ben & Cassie said...

HOLY SUPER MOM!! This is amazing, I adore her onsie and the theme and the cupcakes and toppers and picture wall! So stinking cute! You did great

Darcee said...

You are not only THE Hostess with the Mostest, but the HOTTEST Hostess with the Mostest! You go Glen Coco! The party looked absolutely incredible like I knew it would. We were so sad to miss it. We will be there next year with a healthy Keith in tow!
BTW, is it even possible that Evelyn gets cuter every time I see her. She is one gorgeous babe! Can I squeeze her soon?

Maureen and Nathan said...

SO cute! She is seriously so beautiful! And I LOVED the party theme- so fabulous!

James White said...

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.I'm just glad we got to celebrate Evie. She brings so much joy to so many people and she deserves to be appreciated.