Monday, June 8, 2015

The Usual

 Everyone knows that Ev loves to help me in the kitchen. What you might not also know is ... Anna also loves to help me in the kitchen. Win-Win!
No one wins however, until everyone has an apron on.

This must have been on a morning that Clarissa hadn't arrived yet. Usually all three of them try and share a chair while they don their aprons and fight over who gets to use the tiniest teaspoon.

A girl and her Grandpa.

They must have read this book (How to Babysit Your Grandpa) five times.

Anna enjoys helping me clean up the bathroom in her spare time.

Elle came for a visit! (Everyone else came too, but who cares about them when baby Elle is in the house!)

She loved it when the kids tried to play dress-up with her.

These photos are so typical our kids:

Cole - Cheesy Grin, Ev - Smile normal until she realizes the sun is out, Ally - Strike a pose

Cole - Getting sick of smiling, Ev - NOOOO! THE SUN!, Ally - Nailin' that pose

Cole - So done with pictures, Ev - Smiling w/ eyes closed since the sun is just too bright, Ally - still posing like a princess.

Too many kids. Good thing they love each other.

Evie received this pastry cart for her birthday.

She loves it.

She and Clarissa take turns being Princess & Waitress.
Its about as entertaining as it sounds.

I have a strict no Barbie-Doll policy in my house, UNLESS, it is a Disney Princess because THANK YOU DISNEY FOR CLOTHING YOUR BARBIES. 
Evie LOVES her Elsa Barbie.
They "ride the slide" together on a daily basis.

Anna fits quite perfectly in Evie's doll cradle.

The big girls play "baby" and pretend Anna is their baby going to sleep.

One of these days I think she actually might fall asleep.

She loves it in there.

My kids are OBSESSED with picnics.
I think its because they get a brown bag with their name on it, usually accompanied with some ghetto doodling.

Cupcake fairy in the house.

Workin' it.

My Dad's garden is off the hook this year!

Some snaps.

So much love at the park this day.

Anna's 18 month check-up.

Chilling with her new BFF, Edith.

Post-Doc dirt/flower/garden photo shoot.

This girl loves walking around Grandpa's garden.

These two wanted in on the action.

Two peas in a pod.

She is really getting the hang of her bike. Its awesome. I can't wait for her to ditch the training wheels! Also, KIDS IN HELMETS! 

Ev's 4-year check up.

Post-Doc ice cream with friends.

Way too many pictures of Anna eating an ice cream cone because I CAN'T HELP IT.

My mom bought these dress/shirt tutu things from Costco and the girls are obsessed. 

Ev's other obsession - licking the whisk. I couldn't get her to try it for the longest time (OH THE IRONY), but she begs me to do it every time now.

My life just flashed before my eyes! I'm never going to let her drive.

Life is good!