Friday, April 27, 2012

Flashback Friday: Dated, But Still Dating

Next week is our THIRD wedding anniversary. I can and can't believe we've been married that long/short. Sometimes it feels like we're the same crazy kids who used to stay out until 4 AM listening to Death Cab and making out in Nick's Jeep. (True story: the saddest part about selling our Jeep was saying goodbye to the vessel that held our very first make out sesh... and many thereafter - so sentimental, I know) Other days I feel like ancient kids - so old, so tired, so routine. 

Honestly, I love all those kids.
Snick rocks no matter how we party. Lame parents or grossly in love dating BYU couple - we're cool kids either way. 

Since our anni is just around the corner, I've been thinking a lot about how we used to date and how we date now. As much as I loved the obsessive/new/can't get enough of each other phase, I have to say I way prefer our dates now. I love the familiarity, the deep conversation, how exciting it is to get out sans baby, etc. 
While its so fun to get to know someone (especially someone like Nick), I would feel robbed if I had to go back. I love everything about him and I feel honored to know the best and worst parts of him. As his wife, I've earned the right to know (almost) everything about him and I would never give that up to go back to our dating phase. And while I fondly remember our dating phase as one of the most fun times of my life, our life is so much better now. We're older, but wiser. We're tired, but closer to one another. We're poor, but more creative. We're challenged with parenthood, but we work better together. 

And we've got the Evster.
As if marrying my soulmate wasn't a home run, God gave us the world's most beautiful baby.
My life is awesome.

So today's FF is inspired by our past dating life - while totally rad and mildly inappropriate (see above comment about Jeep), it still doesn't beat what we've got going on now.

Here's a pic of us on one of our most recent dates: Beauty and the Beast on Broadway. 
(Ignore my demon eyes please, although they are proof that we've still got the "fire!")

This is our second date - snowboarding. (My first time!)

3rd date - can't even remember what we did but we definitely christened Nick's Jeep with that holy make out sesh I was telling you about. 

4th date - shooting clay pigeons. 

Take that, Jack Bauer!

Another date I can't remember.

The day Nick met my family.*
* Small side note: We ate Cheesecake Factory before meeting my family. Unfortunately Nick got violent food poisoning and in the middle of playing cards he had to excuse himself a dozen time to vomit/diarrhea in the bathroom. The walls were paper thin and it was not pretty. He passed out from exhaustion on the drive home (luckily I was driving). He somehow made a good impression (Midas, I tell you!) and everyone is able to laugh about it now ... except Nick. I think it still haunts his dreams.

Another date - way more appropriate than it looks. I think we drove to some hot springs.

Meeting Nick's cousins in Mapleton for Sunday dinner.

A way too close facial shot that makes me want to get my teeth bleached RIGHT NOW.

Eating at Chilis for the 200th time - Quesadilla explosion I love you.

One of our many road trips.*
*Since I shared an embarrassing story about Nick it's only fair to even the score. If you know me, you know I have a "delicate" stomach. I don't eat fast food often, but when I do it gets relatively ugly. Anyway, we had eaten In-N-Out like 4 times in 2 days and we were driving back to Utah. I was asleep, riding shotgun, unbeknownst ripping the gnarliest toots of my life. Nick didn't tell me about it until we were married! 

Nick's first trip back to Yakima:

So there you have it. We dated, but we're totally still dating.
And still dating is WAY better than dated.

Happy (almost) Trois Hubs!


Darrell said...

What a fun FF! You guys are an amazing couple!

Amanda Jeffs said...

So fun! Happy anniversary!