Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Birthday Boy

Someone's birthday is on FRIDAY.
Watch this amazing video to find out who it is!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Some people blog about their children. Others blog about their pets, recipes, or great things - like saving the world.
Luckily for all of you (aka Mom, since you're probably the only person who really reads our blog) are in for a real treat.
Because guess what?
I am not one of those people who blogs about darling kids, or Rover, or saving the world.
I blog about one thing - MYSELF. Well, occasionally I blog about my husband, but I don't usually talk about him without talking about myself first, so I guess what I'm trying to do is apologize for my narcissism.
However, I'm going to give one of "those apologies." By that I mean those apologies that you eagerly dished out when you were a kid because you were fighting with your sibling and your parents would feel better if you at least said the words "I'm Sorry," even though everybody in the room knew that they were just feel good words.
So I'm "sorry" for my narcissism, but some of this stuff was just too darn awesome to keep to myself.
Numero Uno
Pepper Nix, who is my favorite photographer IN THE WORLD and who also happened to shoot Jordanpalooza on May 1, 2009 (You may have heard of it because it was kind of a big deal) did the thing that great bloggers really do - SHE blogged about someone else, and that someone else is yours truly and my truly.
So in honor of my post on narcissim - here's the link.
Scroll down just a pinch and you will see THREE seperate blog posts about Jordanpalooza. (The wedding, rehearsal dinner, and reception.)
Is it horrible that I sort of feel like a celebrity?
I'm officially on etsy! I've only had time to put up three headbands, but I'm now making belts and shirts. So hopefully within the next few weeks or so I can get some more pictures on my website. My esty is
And tell your friends because I'm poor and I would really really like a hand mixer.

Monday, February 15, 2010

V-Day: Husband 99, Wife 12

Valentinesdayness. Its a verb and a noun ... and it totally rocks.

The Lovers aka Mr. and Mrs.

The Goods from Him to Her

A Pretty Dress.

Various goodies from her favorite home store.

The Goods from Her to Him

*Disclaimer: Only one person in this two part celestial marriage EVER sticks to the budget. You are probably wondering how such poor college students could afford such a pretty dress and wonderful surprises from "Sur La Table." Well that's because ONE of us - I won't tell you who - ALWAYS ALWAYS sticks to the budget for holidays and birthdays. Even thought I can't tell you who SHE or he is, SHE or he might have long brown hair and a huge zit the size of Mount Kilamanjaro on HER or his forehead due to hormonal issues.

Anyway... back to the goods

Shark Week DVD!

Climbing Knots Book from REI

Snow saw

Palate pleasing goodness

Cake bites from the "Sweet Tooth Fairy" in Provo.

Attempted palate pleasing goodness

A few dinners and treats by this crazy person

Overall, Valentinesdayness was a complete success. Definitely lopsided in favor of the Mrs., but the Mr. didn't fair too poorly either.

Oh and for those of you are just DYING to know who actually sticks to the budget when it comes to holidays and birthdays - it is definitely the Mrs.

I guess saving money is a talent I was born with...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Grace Kelly

Despite my intense work load this semester with work and school, I am completely loving my classes. One of my classes this semester, a 345 Lit and Film class entitled "Hitchcock and Poe," is especially enticing. Before you all start judging me for what a sick and twisted "Psycho" I am, here me out.
On Mondays we screen a Hitchcock film - for this reason Monday might be my new favorite day of the week. How many classes at BYU do you get to kick back and enjoy murder after murder committed right before your eyes?
Don't judge me yet! I know this post is getting increasingly morbid as I continue, but I promise there will be happy ending. (Just like a Hitchcock film)
Anyway, then on Wednesday we discuss the film and read some Poe. But here's the kicker - Hitchcock, the cinematic genius that he is STOLE his story lines and murder plots from Poe!
So let me give a shout out to my dear, sweet, tortured pal Edgar Allan Poe. Without you, my twisted friend, little Alfie Hitchcock would not have been able to bring your stories to the big screen. The detective story is forever changed with the invention of scary flicks like "Dial M for Murder."
Okay, here's the happy part of my post.

Grace Kelly is a bombshell. YOWZA.

I've never had a thing for blondes, but seriously? You cannot pull a Roger Rabbit without looking at that face!
So all of you who think I'm a ditzy blonde hater - I am.
BUT, Grace Kelly gives me hope that not all blondes are created equal.
I wanted to post a picture of her in "Dial M for Murder," but I couldn't find one that justified my reasoning for this post. So, for me, go rent "Dial M for Murder" and when Grace Kelly walks in wearing a red, sweetheart neck-lined dress - PAUSE IT. For the sanity of me (and hopefully yourself) PAUSE IT. I swear you will not be disappointed.
Then when you are done drooling, press play and change your mind and rewind it. Pause again. When you think you've had enough of this pause and play business, go ahead and watch the movie. Pause liberally and then call me and tell me how awesome I am for pointing out Grace Kelly's beauty.

Okay scratch what I said earlier about wanting my legs not to rub together when I run in the next life. I'm shooting for the moon and praying for the replicated DNA of Princess Grace.

Disclaimer: If you are a man who gets sick of hearing women complain about their imperfections (IE: Nick Jordan I am talking to you), this post might be slightly annoying. I would have told you about this possible annoyance but Grace Kelly was just too hot.