Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sprung Broke Part 2

How cute is Austin in his football jersey?

We made time to eat out a few (5+) times in good ole P-town.
Cafe Rio you own my soul and stomach. How I love thee!

We had to eat at Costa Vida as well since Nick prefers it to Cafe Rio. Blaspheme, I know!
Pictured: Mike, Shea, Lauren, Evie, Darel, Me, Chelsea, Nick.

And we hiked the Y. It was one of two days in Utah that it didn't rain. Ironic, I know.

We got to see Grandma Phyl. She insisted on pushing Evie in her stroller.

And please take a deep breath before you view this picture. You might die from utter cuteness. 
This is Jillian. She is my cousin Rangi's daughter.

She is the definition of adorable. I can't even look at this picture without wanting to squeeze her.

All the Smart gang got together for Pearl's blessing. My BCF Rachel and her husband Danny had Pearl in January. Isn't she lush? She has bright red hair that you can't see, but it is so cute!

It was fun to see Rach and get a picture of us with our girls.

And I couldn't go to Utah without seeing my FAT CAMP sisters. Heather, Monica, and Jennica. Oh how I love these girls. Everytime we get together its like we're back in Paris eating 3 croissant d'amandes per day while simultaneously wondering why we don't loose weight. Isn't everyone in France skinny? Why isn't it rubbing off? Oh that's right, because we ate 3,000 calories per day in decadent desserts. SO WORTH IT. Heath is graduated with a plush job, Jenn just graduated and is applying to PA school, Moni is expecting her first baby, and I came with Ev! We are all pretty awesome I'd say.

We played cards and ate Ryan's German Chocolate Cake. Sweet death if that cake isn't in the Celestial Kingdom I won't go. I have to have it.

Oh, and Jimmer was there.

Stay tuned... hopefully I can wrestle another few posts today.

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Darrell said...

the pic of you and Rachel is the best. Beautiful moms with gorgeous daughters!