Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Goods

Who is SO excited for General Conference this weekend?
We finally got cable so we're looking forward to making sticky buns and enjoying the words of our beloved Prophet/Apostles in our PJ's.

SNICK before we were SNICK at General Conference April 2008 where we got to sustain President Monson in the Conference Center. NOTICE: Nick's awesome hair.

There is also a BYU game on Friday! You know you live in Utah when the game is put on Friday instead of Saturday to avoid General Conference. (which I love!) And despite the predicted FRIGID weather. Snick will be tailgating like true blue fans!

Utah has a redeeming quality afterall.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Integrity vs. Perks of the Job

Many of you know that I work in BYU's Geography Department every afternoon. I answer phones, make copies, and bring treats in for the professors so they like me. (Dad taught me how to win people over)

What many of you might not know is this: Clark Monson aka SON OF OUR BELOVED PROPHET Thomas S. Monson works in our Department and spends much of each and every day three doors down from me - a simple and humble student.

I often dream about the Prophet coming to the 6th floor of the SKWT to wish me a nice day and shake my hand.

Today my dreams were slightly answered. Dr. Monson comes to me and asks me to send a fax for him. I agree and he fills out a cover sheet. I look down to send the fax and read: TO TOM MONSON.

Not only am I sending a fax to the Prophet of the only true church on the Earth...but I now have his PHONE NUMBER. (This is were you all get jealous and want to be my friend)

I will not tell you how BADLY I wanted to lift up the cover sheet and read what Dr. Monson had written to his dad, the Prophet.

Nevermind, I will tell you how badly I wanted to lift up the cover sheet and read what Dr. Monson had written to his dad, the Prophet.

SO BAD. SO DARN BAD. SO DARN FREAKIN BAD did I want to read the intimate converstations between the Prophet and his son.

I hate being human. I hate being weak. I hate being nosy. I just want to know! It's driving me crazy.

I took a step back and began a series of yoga breaths to hopefully calm my troubled soul. This is a major life decision. My personal integrity or capitalizing on the wonderful perks of my insider job. I knew I couldn't go back from the decision I was about to make.

Calling Darrell and Sheila...

You raised one honest girl. Heck yes I didn't read it! And I hope everyone applaudes my efforts because I'm not sure I could do it again. I won't lie, I have been basking in my extreme awesomeness and honesty all day today.

Life lesson learned today - check.

Testimony of the Prophet increased today - check.

Realization that I have the best parents ever - check.

I am awesome - check.

Integrity 1. Perks of the Job 0.

Life is Good.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Celebrations and Observations

The beginning of a new school year always allows if not forces us to contemplate what we will or should get accomplished as we move forward in life. Like any other slacker or procrastinator, I choose instead to focus on things much more fun.
  • Today is September 1st. Nick and I have been married for four awesome and adventurous months! Two thumbs up for my beyond fantastic significant other who happens to look like a GQ model.

  • When Nick and I need a break from homework, (Yes we've only had two days of class... but all our hard work thus far deserves a break!) we watch House. Recent observation: Sela Ward looks like MOM. Mom is obviously a much classier version of the celebrity hottie, but nonetheless Nick and I see a resemblance.

  • I have mastered the art of making 7 dozen oatmeal chocolate chip cookies in one hour. I seem to have a problem. I can't make less than a MILLION cookies. Fortunately my sweet husband enjoys gorging himself of my feeble attempts to copy my mother's baking, so they don't last as long as they should.

  • When you are married you officially become... uncool. Nick and I invited Dallin and Cassie over to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and we BOTH fell asleep within thirty minutes of the show! What amazing hosts we are! Dallin kindly woke Nick up at the end and graciously thanked us for "spending time with them." I guess all the working this summer has finally taken a toll on the Jordans. Or maybe we are just big losers. Happily married big losers that is.

  • I am planning my first wedding this weekend for a friend at work. (Flowers, favors, decorations, etc.) I have been furiously trying to finish all the details so it turns out okay. Wish me luck and I will hopefully post pictures soon.

  • Nick and I bought BYU All-Sport passes this year with Chelsea Jordan. We are beyond excited to cheer BYU on in football and basketball! Go Cougs! PS I am officially graduating in August! There IS light at the end of the tunnel....