Saturday, May 3, 2014


Easter was so late this year!  I was definitely not okay with how it infringed on Ev's birthday. It wasn't stressful for me, but it did cost me about four extra Target trips in one week just to make sure I had everything for the festivities. 
On Monday, we dyed eggs for FHE. Nobody in my family likes hard boils eggs except me so I ate them all before the weekend was over. (Winning!) Ev absolutely loved dying eggs. I bought a glitter pack and she was giddy just putting the glitter in the plastic cups. I however, was morally offended when the hard boiled eggs in my salad were blue and glittered. It didn't stop me from eating them, but you all knew that. 

Anna loved it too.

Look at that pot belly! Our shrimp is finally filling out! 

On Wednesday it was Ev's birthday.
We kept it fairly simple. We opened presents in the morning and Ev and I made cupcakes to bring to her playgroup. That night we ordered pizza (Ev's choice) and blew out candles on a few leftover cupcakes.

We had a small window before Nick needed to go to school so we actually had to wake Ev up on her birthday. THIS NEVER HAPPENS. Ev wakes up with the sun and has frequently been tapping my shoulder at 5:30 AM, so when we had to get her at 7:30 it was weird and ... awesome.

For her birthday she got a few games,

some clothes,

and her own yoga mat.

It was such a fun day.
We played with her presents, went to playgroup and then came home and played with her presents some more. Nick came home a little early and we took her to toys'R'us to spend her birthday money (from my Grandparents). She picked out the largest stuffed My Little Pony you've ever seen. I tried so hard to talk her out of it, but it was her birthday. Then she wanted the motorized mini cooper and I said, "I like the pony." 

Nick's family skyped in while we sang 'Happy Birthday,' and we called it a day.

Ev kept saying, "Is it my birthday just for today?"
And I sadly had to tell her that yes, tomorrow her birthday would be over. She handled it well and tapped my shoulder happy as usual in the AM.

Chelsea came into town for the day on Saturday. Ev was so excited to see her Aunt Chi Chi.
Chels also brought down some pertinent information - that Easter was on 4/20 and that everyone cool was calling it Weedster.
So naturally we had to call it Weedster too.

Ev enjoyed hunting for eggs in the morning (thanks Chi Chi for hiding them) and then we all got gussied up for church.

Chels took some family photos of us. 
And even though there isn't a single one where all four of us are looking at the camera - we're not picky and I think they're great!

It was so fun to have Chels down with us. We begged her to stay for dinner, but she has responsibilities and had to get back up to P-Town. 

That night we had a big breakfast at the Belton's.
It was a great/relaxing Weedster and the perfect ending to a (sort of) crazy week.