Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Interview With a Two-Year Old

Name: Evelyn Kate, "Evie"
Age: Two 

Height: 33 inches (27%)
Weight: 22.0 pounds (3%)

Favorite color: Blue (occasionally its pink)

Favorite foods: Snap peas, cucumbers, oatmeal, chocolate chips

Least favorite foods: Milk (I will only drink it if Mom puts Breakfast Essentials chocolate flavoring in it), Meat, anything that has a mushy texture (applesauce, mashed potatoes, etc)

Favorite friends: My stuffed animals, especially Chick and my kitties. 

Favorite movie: How to Train Your Dragon

Favorite songs: "Bubble song," (Tiny Tim the Turtle), Do As I'm Doing, Zoom Zoom

Favorite accessories: Shoes, Crown, Purse

Favorite toys: My stroller, play dough, my princesses

Favorite activities: Library, park/taking walks, brushing my teeth, watching movies with Dad

Least favorite activities: Diaper change, clipping my nails

Favorite treat: Suckers, chocolate chips, Starburst (My Mom is a pushover)

Favorite phrases: "I do it!"
"Get out, Mom."
"Happy Birthday to you Evie."
"Chick cry! (kisses Chick) All better!"
"More cumbers (cucumbers)."
"I want to go bye-bye."
"Ew, Gross!"

Mostly likely reason to be in time-out: Scratching/hitting, throwing food

Places I love to go: Nem and Will's house, Gymnastics, Cole/Ally's house, swimming

Size shoe: 5

Favorite body part: Belly. Seriously, I'll whip up my shirt and show you my belly anytime (it will probably have stickers all over it).

Awesome things I can do: Count to ten (I usually skip 4/5), sing Happy Birthday, name most of my colors, point to any man with long hair in a book and say, "Jesus!", Jump off the pirate ship at gymnastics by myself.

Other things I love: Sunglasses, balloons, running, taking off my shoes in public places, playing with dishes and play food, talking to my stuffed animals, reading and dogs.

Ev's birthday was a hoot. Aunt Chelsea came down and brought balloons and we had a small party on her actual birthday. We had quesadillas, vegetables, fruit and chocolate milk for dinner (Ev's choice), and we ate cupcakes for dessert.

She loved singing "Happy Birthday," to herself and like the stellar mom I am, I forgot to purchase candles, so Ev blew out a match in her cupcake. 

She licked the frosting off three cupcakes.

Then she opened up presents from us and a present from Chels.

She totally understood the concept of opening gifts. It was fun to watch her get excited and pull out everything from the boxes and bags.

Aunt Chelsea gave Ev ANOTHER Kitty.

Of course she loved it (and sleeps with it every night and takes it for walks in her stroller daily).

I've never let Ev play with Play Dough, but about a month ago she played with it at my sister's and loved it. We decided to get her a small set for her birthday.

She has played with almost nothing else since getting it, but I don't mind. I secretly love the way it smells and feels in my hands. I could make shapes with Play Dough all day. It is, however, a mess ... so it matches the current state of my house!

Ev was such a good girl on her birthday. It was so fun to celebrate her and make her feel special.

Aunt Chelsea also gave Evelyn some Kitty Jammies. She constantly requests to wear them to bed. And I'm gonna be bold here and say that my kid is rocking the man tank - just saying.

We also had a friend party last weekend that I will hopefully elaborate on sometime this week. It was crazy! But Ev had such a blast. My parents came down and brought Cole and Ally with them, so seeing her cousins was Ev's favorite part.

I can and can't believe that my child is two. She challenges me in the best ways and I love being her mom. And even though her sassiness almost drives me bonkers, I love seeing her proclaim her independence and personality.

Plus her cuteness factor is off the charts.