Tuesday, July 28, 2015

More Summerness

Ev was super thrilled to help Grandpa with the bees.

In the twenty minutes it took to get Ev dressed in her beekeeper outfit, Anna wandered protection-free right into the heart of the bees. Oops? Don't worry, no one was stung.

A girl and her grandpa.

The bees in action!

This is the point where Ev ran away. Once the bees start to swarm, it gets a little scary! Even for a bystander fully dressed in a suit. Way to go, Ev!

She's such a little goober.

Mother's Day 2015. 
Don't worry, I'm totally gonna frame this sucker.

She was evil on Mother's Day.

I'm beginning to realize that Hollywood has romanticized evilness and maybe that's why I still enjoy my daughter. Loki? Khan? Vizzini? Evie? All likable villains. 

My Dad got stung on the neck (he's allergic to bees) and now he has a goiter. 
It's emphasized by his ability to sleep anywhere.

Speaking of sleeping anywhere...

Ron's ice cream run.

Yakima's finest ghetto fabulous ice cream.

These goobers figured out how to open, move and position the stool in Grandma's pantry to reach the candy.

He can't climb, run, hike, surf or play basketball, but he can fish.
I'm not a huge fan of fly fishing because he never brings me home anything to throw on the grill.

Nick was approved to bike (slowly) so he finally set up our bike trailer. When I come home from my long Saturday runs, he and the girls are almost always out on a ride.

Goofing in Grandpa Great's car.

I'm obsessed with my sleeping baby.

These two are really into 'camp-outs' lately. 'Camp-outs' consist of taking every pillow and blanket in our house and piling it up.

A series of weird/adorable photos:

Heaven help me.

World class lounger.

Swimming with friends.

So many cute girls in one picture!

Anna "napping."


She can now say popsicle.

She may be starting to talk a little, but she is still my mostly mute snuggler.

Life is good.

Snow Cones!


More popsicles.

Hey Beauty.

Aaaaaaaand the snaggle tooth makes an appearance.

She may have a snaggle, but she's still cute.

4th of July.

Another great family pic.

My girls!

Attack Dad!

Tea party with my gal.

She's such a sassy pants.


Trying to sleep on my clean laundry!
I won't even tell you how many days I had to move this off my bed to sleep in it...



Love my goobers!