Monday, August 22, 2016

Happy Birthday Evelyn & Evelyn!

In April, we went down to CA for Ev's birthday. It was perfect timing because we were there for Gram Evelyn's birthday too!

These two! They have a special bond. Evie understands that she and Gram share a name and she LOVES that there are two awesome Evies. 

Anna was not about to let Ev blow out candles without her.

A girl and her bestie.

This girl! She's such a baby still. Which is mildly terrifying because I'm about to have another baby, but I just can't envision Anna NOT being my baby. Weird I know.

We found time to hit up the beach.

Our girls love the beach - hot, cold, rainy, windy, sunny, whatever kind of day it is, they love it.

It was sunny that day apparently.

Best thing about beach day: How curly and frizzy Ev's hair gets.
Worst thing about beach day: How much sand is stuck in Ev's hair for WEEKS afterwards.

Possessed creepy smile.

Freckles, not sand.

Poor Bentley ... forced to be tortured whenever Anna visits.

Contemplating life's greatest questions ... about unicorns, rainbows and kitties I'm sure.

California sure is sunny! 

Eyes open, documented!

Evie and Evie.

If my smile looks fake, that's because it probably is. 15 weeks pregnant and still feeling like a garbage truck. This pregnancy has been by far my weirdest. Someday, I might elaborate.

Wanna barf, but it's my kids birthday so I'm gonna pretend I'm feeling great.

Maybe Ev had to barf too?

It's my birthday so I can eat cotton candy at 10 AM!

It was such a good day.

Anna loved Disneyland. It was technically her second time going, but the first time she was about 8 weeks old.

The girls got to choose one souvenir each. Are you surprised they picked the pink Minnie ears?

They're HUGE and so stinkin' cute.

Ev was finally tall enough to ride many of the "big" rides, including the Matterhorn (where you sit by yourself!), Tower of Terror, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain and Cars. She earned the lollipop for the Matterhorn since her loving parents forgot how terrifying the abominable snowman is. She claimed not to like the big rides but I watched her face on Tower of Terror and I know she loved it. 

Fake smile - this time I can't tell you if it's because I felt tired and sick or because "It's a Small World," is the WORST RIDE EVER. It NEVER ENDS and how many eskimos are there in this world? Love the message it sends ... but does it have to be FIFTEEN minutes long? A special thanks to Jillian for suffering through it with me.

Weird doll smile but holy cow - I JUST LOVE HER SO MUCH.


I've been at Disneyland ALL day and I'm going cray-cray!

I'm adorable and sleep-deprived!


Waiting in line is easy when you have youTube.

Seriously best friends (in Anna's opinion).

Some people got sick of mom taking pictures.

Other people didn't seem to mind as much.

While the big kids rode cars, Anna and I got to meet Lightening McQueen! She loved that his eyes blinked and didn't understand why she couldn't get inside and take a ride. PS Ev rode Cars four times. She claims she won every time, but I was only with her two of the four times, so we'll never know.

Day two, loving Flik and Bug's Life Land.

This girl was made for Disneyland.

Don't worry, we rode Ariel's Grotto like three times in a row.

And it wouldn't be a trip without a montage of our two best friends again.
Bentley is currently resting and enjoying his time off from Anna I'm sure.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Weird Photo Dump

Welcome to Squeezetown, capital Anna.

Frozen yogurt with my gal.

"Mom, take a picture of me and Doug in this comfy chair."
"Who is Doug?"
"Mom! My dog! His name is Doug, remember?!"

And now, some incredibly disturbing face swap photos.

DISGUSTING on so many levels.

I feel like I should periodically post pictures of our trolls - they are basically part of the family anyway. Here they are showing off some new hairstyles, a la Ev.

Park + cousins = BOMB DIGGITY.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who considers this a legitimate part of their life.

Sleeping log/Anna.

I look like one of the muppets - you know which one I'm talking about.

And now, the creepiest face swap of them all.

Don't believe me? Zoom in on Cole/Darcee...

Our girls on Easter Sunday.

Burlington Coat factory for the win! Seriously, who knew?! Anna's dress was $10 and Ev's was $14. BOOM SHAKA LAKA LAKA.

Evie at her Costco field trip for preschool.

A lady at Nick's work has a farm and asked him if we wanted to keep some of the baby chicks for a few days. He brought them home and THEN informed me of this.

The kids loved taking care of the chicks.

I loved that my house smelled like crap all the time.

"Mom, I really think that CutiePie (chick #1) wants to play with my trolls.

I stand corrected.

Best McDonalds toy ever.

Nick coached Ev in soccer again this year. She had a much improved season and even scored two goals. Her favorite part was whatever the treat was at the end of the game, but I'm fairly certain she enjoyed playing a little soccer too. (She was also the only girl on our team)

Anna also enjoyed all the post game treats - she's a VERY supportive younger sister.

OCD "playing."

Ev elaborately arranges her troll house everyday.

Stuck in a bathroom with this gal = lots of bathroom photos.

Never a dull moment with this squirt. Also, MOM WIN FOR HAIR. I'm basically the most amazing mother EVER. (mic drop)