Sunday, June 24, 2012


The next few days will be a slew of Portland-inspired posts. I'd like to get completely caught up on the ole blog before I leave for London Town. That's right, folks. On Friday, I'm boarding a flight to London, England. I'm mostly feeling excieity (excited +  anxiety). I'm thrilled to be visiting Kimmy, but I honestly do not know if I can leave my Evster. 
Having. Heart. Palpitations. Just. Thinking. About. It.
But I digress.
I'm just going to focus on the blasty-blast of a time we had in Portlandia.

We (the kiddos) downed some serious cotton candy.

Keithy could not get enough of his sugar air (cotton candy).

The boys wrestled a little.

And this little lady charmed us in the buff. 

She followed Keith in his "bridge."

Matching - blue shirts, pink pants.

Keith watching Chip and Dale with his Thor Hammer.
What a stud.

Evie rode facing forward for the first time. 

Cole the Entertainer.

"Night Sky."
More on this later.

And now, a series of most unfortunate photos. 
I'd like to call this segment, "American Thighs."

Since I'm going to be the slowest kid in the race at my Marathon, I mine as well look legit.
No sales tax in Oregon + Sale Rack = These beauties:

So they are not that flattering - no big deal. 
I think the running belts really push our legitimacy over the top.

We're serious runners (obviously).

Brent insisted that Darcee's running vest looked like a sports bra.

Nobody argued with him.

I'll leave you with this:

And this (a little tribute to the funnest kid I know).

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MaryJane said...

First, just let me say that Brent being able to wear ANYTHING of Darcee's is pretty matter what it looks like. Second, I can't believe my adopted Smart women are going to London and I'm not. Finally, I love to see all these adorable Smart grandkids; but I have to say, the smiles on Keith's face just made my day!