Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Gosh, this blog just got fancy.
I think I like it, but I'm not quite sure yet. I feel like I'm trying too hard to make my blog look "professional" or "famous." And those of you who read this blog, know its anything but. I don't want my blog to be too profesh - Snick and Snickerdoodle need nothing but their tremendous good looks to get by in the blogosphere. 

Speaking of good looks.
This little lady got her fifth tooth last week.

That's a Kardashian booty if I ever saw one.

I've been trying to craft a little, but summer makes me want to be outside not inside so I've been a little lazy in that aspect. I made a headband thingy for a friend's baby shower. It turned out cute until Darel tried to murder me for stealing her quaker oat box that SHE used for her headbands. Oops. 

Nick let Darel paint his toe nails.

This picture is incredibly disturbing in so many ways.

Are you amazed that these two people made such a cute Snickerdoodle? 
Sometimes, even I amaze myself.

Aunt Darel decided it was time for Ev to rock the "Bam-Bam."

I was concerned how the "Bam-Bam" would turn out since Darel normally dresses like this:

But it turned out adorable, and it turns out my Ev can rock the piggies as well.

Garden Buds.

Recent obsession: Toothbrushes.

Chews on them all day.

I know I'm totally biased and everything since Ev is my child, but SERIOUSLY, there is not a cuter face on this planet. I adore her.

Hippie baby.

Curly mullet.

Fathers Day was a blasty-blast. Nick received Stephen Colbert's new children's book, I am a Pole, and So Can You, from me and a trip to R.E.I. from Evie. He was pretty pumped (obviously).

My Dad received a bee-keeping kit. It included a bee-keeper's hat (shown), netting, gloves, how-to-book, smoker, and beehive. He just has to order his bees.
His reaction was, well see for yourself:

Gotta love the Wolverine.


ecesunshine said...

Nick gets a gold star for letting someone paint his toes. That is too funny!!

elise said...

Hudson loves toothbrushes too...I really think they would just make the bestest of friends! :)

Rachey Elder said...

Holy crap. Is it even possible that Evie is getting prettier?! Her face and hair literally look like a doll's! I love all of your pics and the new blog look is awesome! You make me want to change mine. Your dad's face is Hilarious! That idea however is awesome. Roxanne, beetle and I have always wanted to try that!