Saturday, June 23, 2012

Portland Zoo, Meet the Real Portland Zoo

We spent the last week in Portland, visiting our favorite wild animals.
As usual, it was entertaining and just what we all needed.

We played, lounged and ate. (The Holy Trifecta for the Smart Fam)

"Fighting" the bad guys.

Yes, I am well aware that my child's hair is cray-cray. I've decided she's so cute it doesn't matter what's on her head, or maybe I'm in denial and I should learn how to do hair. Either way, these two are adorable.

Of course the Face was there.

Just doing what the Face does.

Darel asked for this one.

And an attempted shot of the four Smart grandkids.

No cigar.

Aaaaaand it keeps getting worse.

So, no good picture of all of them, but they are still the cutest kids in town.

Evie (eating an entire cookie at once) with her favorite pal.

The kids wanted to go to the zoo, so we packed everybody up and headed there for an afternoon.

The Face, showing off her stamp.

And it wouldn't be a Portland-inspired blog post without an awkwardly awesome photoshoot from this sister:

Zoo walkers.

Zoo mama.

Zoo boy.

Zoo kids.

Zoo baby.

*Sea lions are officially the most disgusting animals on the planet.

The Face.
I repeat, the Face.

Getting close and personal with the tarantulas.

Grandma She She is the bombdizzle.

Ev's favorite part was the bats. She LOVED them.

Goat petting zoo.

Not pictured: Elephant ears, cotton candy, and Grandpa Smart enjoying a 25-minute convo with the Zoo's beekeeper.

More to come!

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