Sunday, June 3, 2012


I'm missing Eugene today.

1. Blackened Salmon Salad at Cornucopia
2. VooDoo Donuts
3. Trader Joe's
4. Jogging with Christie (mostly Christie, but a little jogging)
5. Book Club with Emma
6. Wonderful Ones with Ev at the library
7. Weird/friendly people everywhere
8. The colors green and yellow in tangent

Okay, enough whining. Its no secret I love me some Yakima.

So does this little gal:

She is the best kisser. She gives the wettest, most slobbery kisses and I love it. Seriously cannot get enough of them. She kisses everything. People, toys, the stairs, her blankie, etc.

Normally I'm picky about cherries. They have to be firm, juicy, and most certainly in season.
Pretty sure this cherry is ALWAYS in season.

When she gets tired climbing up and down the stairs, she'll lay down to rest. 
Two words: Thigh rolls.

I usually don't let her take "blankie" out of her crib. I like it to stay there because when she has it she associates it with sleeping - plus it smells disgusting since she sucks on it while she sleeps. But on Sundays I usually let her take it everywhere since she's grumpy from missing her nap at church.

Seriously? That's all I have to say.

Love that face.


chelsea said...

Can you please sneak her into your suitcase? She def needs a stamp in her passport!! She is getting so big--make it stop!

Rachey Elder said...

I loved catching up on your blog! Ev is so cute and I LOVE that pic of you and her. You're both always dressed so fab:) Any plans to Utah anytime soon? Miss you guys!