Friday, June 8, 2012

Flashback Friday: Awkward Family Photoshoots

Its no secret the Smart family has had its fair share of awkward family photos. Fortunately for Flashback Friday, we've also had our fair share of awkward family photoshoots.

The awkwardness never ends around here.

Darel got in a huge fight with my mom about her belt. Apparently the white belt would throw off the feng shui of the photo. I think there is a lot more than the white belt that's messed up here.

Shea - not smiling in a single pic. This was his angry, skinny, guitar phase of life.
Chelsea - She's too photogenic, therefore terribly not fun to make fun of.
Darel:  Nice efforts with the Reese Witherspoon hair, but no cigar. I'm pretty sure she took the DVD cover of Sweet Home Alabama into her stylist and said, give me a less hot version of this.
SheShe: Da Bomb.
Durrell: Has more hair.
Me: My teeth, lips, and skin are all the SAME color. Help a sister out!
Darcee: Ugly top, but she's stuck in the early 90's so its not her fault. Also, she wins for most awkward poser of the day. She and Brent are showing their favorite High School Dance pose off in like every picture.
Brent: Skinnier.

As a pear-shaped individual I shutter at this photo. Waist and above please.
*Nice posing Darc.

Pretty sure Chelsea planned the staging for this picture.
"Guys, I have the best idea for a photo. Lets all lay down and then have mom lay awkardly on top of us like a Dixie Chicks CD cover."

Thanks, Chels.

I definitely beat Darc for worst "poser" ever here.

Awkward, but awesome.

See you next Friday.


Rachey Elder said...

Ha ha, yay for awkward family photos! You guys still look great though. It's unfair how tan you get! The picture of the Shewolf on top of the girls is hilarious. Seriously.

Darrell said...

I love all of those photos. I have no idea what you are talking about.