Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Peanut Gallery

Here's my peanut:

She loves the piano. She'll walk around the bench on either side so she can touch the low and the high notes. I'm hoping Aunt Jillian can teach her a few things when we head to California in August. 

I know she looks mad, but she's actually singing at me. 
*Note: Singing = Squawking.

Playing with both hands.
We've got a future pianist. 

Unfortunately Peanuts have to nap, so we were able to sneak away for a little girls lunch with my Grandma last week. It was so fun (and delicious).

Evie was waiting for us when we got back.

Proof that I am the worst photographer ever:
Evie was smiling however, so I had to put it on the blog.

Scooting all over makes ones legs/bum red and dry. I seriously cannot put enough lotion on this girl. Her scooting just keeps drying her legs out. 

The stairs are her favorite toy. She climbs up and down them all day. She loves to hide on the top step and wait for me to scare her.

Evie's favorite word is "Dada." She knows how to use it properly now. When Nick walks in the door she jabbers "Dada, Dada." Its so cute.

The weather has taken a lovely turn lately so we've been picnicking outside for lunch. We set out a blanket in the shade, bring out our food, and then play with toys afterwards. Ev loves being outside. She loves when I walk around Grandpa's garden with her. She'll pick at the flowers or try and reach the birds. (She can now say "bird) She still HATES the grass, and after another attempt in the pool today - we still have a Marlin. We're working on it though. 

Working out, just doing some lunges - no big deal.

She loves the phone. LOVES IT.


I can't handle this picture. She looks so little and so big at the same time.
My little/big Peanut!

Summer is off to a good start. Nick loves work and he's happily channeling Bear Grylls with my Dad. They have some adventure planned almost every weekend. (They climbed Mt. Hood last weekend) He's also been able to squeeze in his runs so far, which is great. Our official training for the marathon starts next week, but I'm proud of Nick for getting in shape for training. I've said this before, but he usually just wings things like this, so its big that's he's so ahead of the game. I'm already proud! Can't wait to see how proud I am when he destroys the marathon. 

*Speaking of marathons, my sister ran one today and qualified for the Boston Marathon for the 2nd time. She's a rockstar, but I don't want to steal her thunder, so I'll let her describe it (hopefully) on her blog sometime soon.

Its been so nice to have my parents near. (We're living with them this summer) My mom watches Evie so I can run sans stroller and I have IMMENSELY enjoyed this time to myself. I prefer to run by myself, unless its with my sister Darel (sisters = same body = same stride) but it feels great to have "me" time. The longer I run, the more time I get to myself! I try to remember that when I start to get tired. 

That said, I don't want TOO much time to myself because the Peanut is my favorite little person. She is my buddy, my pal, my partner in crime. We have so much fun together. 
And hopefully once she starts loving the pool, we'll have even more fun. 

I'm also trying to enjoy spending as much time with Ev as possible since I'm going to Europe for ten days this summer. I keep having nightmares that she'll walk while I'm there and I'll miss it. Nick thinks I'm irrational and crazy, but I legitimately fear that I will miss it. I'm so excited to go hang with my sisters/mom in Europe, but I'm dreading leaving Evie. I've never even left her overnight. How am I supposed to leave her for ten days? What if she hates me for leaving her? What if she forgets me? I know, irrational, but I still can't help thinking that. Its weird feeling so excited and so guilty at the same time. I know I just need to work through my crazy mom thoughts. The flights to and from London will be long (and tearful) but once I'm there, I'll soak it up (hopefully).

Here's to a great summer!

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jennica said...

You are going to Europe this summer?!!! oh my goodness i am jealous! think of me while eating macarons!!!

ps. evie is the winner of cutest toddler ever (is she a toddler now cause she looks that big and i feel like i can't call her a baby!)