Friday, March 2, 2012

Flashback Friday: Kings to You Cuz

In The Count of Monte Cristo, Fernand and Edmond have an inside joke where they pass an old wooden chess piece (a king) between them. They typically say something like, "Kings to you, Fernand," as they give one another the chess piece.

The point of the king piece is to symbolize the king of the moment. I'd like to introduce King (or Queen) of the moment to Flashback Friday. Today is cousin style.

I love most (ha! jk) of my cousins and since they are all related to me, each and everyone one of them radiates awesomeness.
But some of them are incredibly awesome at the moment.

Kings to you, Alix and Dallin.

Alix's "friend," Jake just came home from his mission a couple weeks ago and she's rounding home plate on her Bachelor's degree in History from BYU. (Woot! Woot!)

Also, she had the same hideous haircut as me once:

or twice:

Kings to you, Al.

Dallin celebrated his 24th birthday a few days ago and is expecting his first baby this summer! (Woot! Woot!)
I never thought I'd like any cousin more than I like Dallin, but then he married Cassie.

Proof that Dallin has always liked (and been good with) younger kids:

Kings to you, Dilly-Dally.


Alix Mae said...

Aww I feel so honored to be part of your Flashback Friday! Thanks Syd! And wow we did have really hideous haircuts...haha!

Nancy said...

That's because your hair was a pain in the butt! Excuse my French. I think your mom would agree, Syd!

Camee Anderson said...

So...the guy standing to your left? I totally went to EFY with him! I had a huge crush! --Camee

Sydney said...

Haha. Weird. That's my cousin! The Mormon world is so small - I love it. PS I miss you Camee.