Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Why We Need Jimmer

My Dad's birthday is February 24th.
Nick's birthday is February 26th.

As two special guys, they both deserve (and want) a birthday bash. My Dad's birthday always ran into Nick's and Nick's always started "too early," (in my Dad's opinion).

Why can't they just share a birthday? I'm not really sure, but someone apparently thought it violated some code of conduct. Herein lies the importance of our friend Jimmer. See, Jimmer was born on February 25th. Since someone we know (or feel like we know) had a birthday on the day in between these two special birthdays, no one could take it for their own.

Jimmer's birthday has officially become no man's land in the Smart family birthdayness. No one is supposed to celebrate their birthday on Jimmer's day. That way, everyone - and by everyone I mean this guy, feels like their birthday is special.

Crazy? Yeah, a little. But that's how we do things where I'm from.

So to celebrate DarrellJimmerNickmania 2012, we had a few visitors:

Hello, Grandma.

Hello cousins.

My parents AND my sister and her kids all came down to Eugene to stay in our TWO BEDROOM apartment.

It. was. awesome.
Complete chaos.

I found these two chuckleheads in Evie's bed:

Our guest bathroom actually got used:

And Nick got to hang out with us a little bit.

Grandpa got his birthday nap.

To portray the chaos that ensued, here is a picture of our living/dining/family room about twenty minutes after the kiddos arrived:

I love it!

Oh, and Evie was there too.

Sweet Keith had a good time as well.

The B.C.F's. (Best Cousins Forever)

Nick's birthday nap.

Hot Grandma.

Birthday boy #1.

Birthday Boy #2.

We even went to the mall to play on the toys (it was snowing/raining as usual).

Is it just me, or does that look like a pretty good wrestling stance?

A good time was had by all.


MaryJane said...

Casey and her kids are coming next week...can't wait for the mess!

Rachey Smart said...

Happy birthday boys! Looks like you guys had a party as always. Thanks for posting all those pics. You're all seriously good looking!