Friday, March 9, 2012

Flashback Friday: Phone Pics from my Dinosaur

People who know me, know that I'm anti-technology. I really hate when people have like 25 expensive apple products when they really just need one. Now I can say this because my husband is one of those people (and I love him) but I'm constantly making fun of him for being so. I feel like an iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and apple computer do basically the same thing, just with different sizes. Why do people feel like they need SO MANY things?

Enter my phone, AKA the Dinosaur. Nick counters my anti-technology argument with a simple one - that my phone sucks (sorry Mom, I know you hate that word).

I can't argue that my phone isn't terrible; it has no GPS, internet, or other important functional qualities. But my phone can make phone calls, text, and take pictures of my baby, so I feel like its all I need. When I go somewhere I've never been, I look up directions on google maps and print it out (old school, I know) or if its short I write it on a small sticky note and put it in my wallet. Nick argues that I am ridiculous and my life would be a lot easier if I had Siri or some sexy British man named Magellan to help me find my way.

I argue that I don't need OR want such silly technological advances. We usually take digs (in jest) at each others phones on a daily basis. For example, I feel like an Olympian when Siri screws up or doesn't know where something is. And Nick feels like Sir Edmund Hilary when I get lost going someplace because googlemaps gave me the wrong directions. We usually laugh about our never ending - no one is ever right argument.


I couldn't figure out how to get pictures off my phone. I've been having to delete texts after every time I receive them because I don't have enough memory for all the pictures I've taken. I started to panic when I realized I can't upload them to the internet or plug my phone into our computer. What if I loose all these blurry, crappy quality pictures of my baby? Oh no!

So Nick drove to the Verizon store to get the run down.

And apparently, even my dinosaur can send texts to my email. Huzzah! So I spent the majority of last night sending about 78 text messages to my email.
Before you judge me, let me say this:
1. Yes, I know I'm a loser.
2. Nick was gone.

Some of the pictures are really old, so I figured they counted for Flashback Friday. I tried to narrow it down, but I'm one of "those" moms.

At playgroup on Wednesday, one of my friends brought up how some Moms post a million pictures of their baby on Facebook saying how their baby is much cuter than everyone else's baby. Ha! Who does that sound like? We all chuckled in our circle of Mom-friends, but I secretly wondered... am I "that" mom?


I can't help it though.
Don't believe me?


Oops, sorry D! Don't know how this one got in here.

I know all I ever talk/post about is Evster.
But lets be honest - she's totally adorable.
Happy Friday!

PS Sorry for so many pictures
PPS I'm not really that sorry
PPSS Sorry for not being sorry


Dan & Bin said...

My husband and I have the same fights. I have a dinosaur phone and he has an iPhone. Unfortunately sometimes I can't even open my phone anymore, but I refuse to pay 30 bucks a month more for phone service.

Amanda Jeffs said...

i can relate to you on your phone! mine doesn't even have a camera :) one day...

Alix Mae said...

I don't even care if you are one of "those" moms because I love seeing pictures of Ev!! She is the cutest baby ever. :)

sheila said...

Can you say luscious?? I can't believe how much she has changed and grown. Don't ever apoligize for showing off the perfect grandchild! Keep the pics coming! I need my daily Evie fix.

MaryJane said...

I'm with your mom. Can't believe how much she's changed. Great Flashback Friday post. And it's your blog, of course you put every picture you can find of your daughter. It would be weird if it were my blog, but it's yours! Besides I love seeing all the pictures.