Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Black and White

Evie has been rechristened Queen Grabbypants. Princess Grabbypants is so yesterday.

Oh, hello blue eye.

Evelyn also has no aversions to meat - she really seems to be favoring red meat lately as poor Mr. Cow has been her snack of choice.

"Mom, did you see me bite his head off?"

"I'm sick of cow meat, how about some camera lens?"

"Fine, I'll settle for cow."

When we were first married and taking 3 trips a week to IKEA, Nick quietly slipped this soccer ball into one of those trips. I was a little ticked even though it only cost $1. I told him we'd never use it. Not only did we use it, goofing off playing around the house before we had Evie, she now LOVES it. Its squishy and easy to grab, plus she has figured out how to pass it back to me in her own spastic way, so we can play pass with each other.

Her David Beckham impression:

Queen Grabbypants showing everybody how its done.

Nick's mom gave us this sweatshirt. I love it. But its way too big on her. I had to roll the sleeves up about 3 inches, but I wanted her to wear it so she's rocking the vintage boyfriend sweater look.

Ev has discovered that she can roll over while I change her diaper. This really hasn't been a problem until now. Luckily she can't crawl away so once she can get her hands on whatever item she is reaching for she usually turns back over and lets me put her diaper on.

Oh hey pretty baby.


Cassandra Worthington said...

Look at the squishy bum! So cute!

Haha also definitely laughed out loud in the library seeing her "David Beckham" impression. So smoldering.

Rachey Smart said...

Ev is pretty much a baby model. She has the biggest blue eyes! She seems like such a happy little thing. I better go buy one of those soccer balls:)

P.S. I love her room. Super cute:)