Monday, March 19, 2012

Crazy Spelled Three Ways


Evelyn loves visiting her crazy cousins - it makes our house of three (usually two since Nick is gone so much) seem so boring. Luckily our cousins don't live too far away and we are able to see them fairly often.

Typical crazy:

Blurry, but a picture of The Face is always warranted.

Still eating all her friends.

Reason #1 Why my sister buys her furniture at TJMaxx:

Reason #2:
(How much do you love the zebra though!)

"Who shall I devour next? Mr. Cow or Sir Panda?"

There's a snake in my boots!

Typical Face.

If Ally has both a shirt and pants on it is a small miracle.

Ev loves the big windows at Aunt Darcee's house.

Cole, at a whopping 30 pounds, is showing Evie how to "play basketball." I think wrestling might be a better fit for his height and weight. Plus its in his blood.

"Hi, my name is Brent - uh, I mean Cole."

Notice, Evie is scooting so fast that she is blurry.

Thanks Burnetts for always letting us come crash at your house! Its ALWAYS a party.


chelsea said...

What Dottie's new furniture--I love it! Did you help her pick it out? I love the pics and can't wait to enjoy some of that crazy! XO

Rachey Elder said...

Darcee's house is too cute! Seriously, come decorate mine! I love the cousin action going on. Nothing is funner than playin' with your cousins! Such cuties!