Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stoner Evie

Evie is the most beautiful baby in the world.
She is perfect.
But even perfect people take bad pictures sometimes.

Exhibit A:

Stoned Evie

Exhibit B:

Still Stoned Evie.

I laugh so hard looking at those pictures because I know that just before the camera clicked she was making the cutest face ever. If Peekaboo Street and weird fake stoner kid from High School Musical that plays the cello had a baby, I think it would be stoner Evie.

Oh, and here's perfect Evie again:

She can pretty much fold in half to get something. But she WILL NOT crawl.

She leans forward, making you think she is going to take the plunge, but no.

Although she can't crawl, she can scoot on her bum. That is her favored mode of transportation other than me. Her new favorite hobby is getting into things.

It is hilarious to watch her scoot (very slowly) over to something with an accomplished look on her face as she tears into whatever she has reached.

She will be 11 months in less than 2 weeks. WHAT THE?!!!!!!


Kiley said...

I love stoner Ev! haha so freaking cute!

The Potters said...

She really is like a little porcelain doll! Maybe she will skip crawling all together and go straight to walking? There is this girl in our ward who is like 15 months or so and she never crawls, just scoots all around super fast on her bum. It's kinda funny, but it works for her. I hope you guys are doing well, take care!

Destiny said...

Can't believe she is almost a year. Wow!! All of my girls scooted around on their bums for the longest time. Makes me laugh. She is adorable Syd!

chelsea said...

She looks adorbs no matter what! Love, love, love her hair. Can't wait to squeeze those cheeks!

Rachey Smart said...

Ha ha even Stoner Evie is too cute. I can't believe she is 11 months already! I love little Ev! Most fashionable 11 month old ever!!