Thursday, March 15, 2012

Soggy Snicks (and Snickerdoodle)

I've always claimed to love the rain. Since living in Eugene I can honestly say that I still love it. I feel like it does rain a lot, but I haven't felt negative feelings toward it yet.

However that said, I still would like to see the sun a little more, or take Evie outside to play in the grass (its ALWAYS wet), or run without getting soaked. I'm ready for Spring, but from what I heard, Spring here means rain nonstop. But I've also heard that about Winter here and I thought Winter wasn't too bad. We will see. So even though it hasn't been as rainy as I thought it would be, Snick and Snickerdoodle are still very soggy.

Soggy Snicks, but happy Snicks. Here's whats going on with us:


1. Still gone a lot, still studies like crazy, still loves his girls.
2. On rare occasions when he gets home before late on Saturdays we take walks (if the weather allows). There is a preschool near our house with a playground. They don't have baby swings, but Ev seemed to like swinging with Dad on the big swing.
3. Despite being busy, Nick has found the time to seriously work out (and I have been obsessively cooking healthy) and he has lost 15 pounds so far this year. Yeah baby.
4. Plays basketball on three different inter-mural teams and church ball.
5. Recently bought a baby hiking backpack and can't wait to put Evie in it. On other rare occasions when he gets home early on Saturdays, Nick and Ev will go on dates together. 90% of their dates involve REI, but a date is a date, I say.
6. Our apartment smelled funny last week and upon discovering that the stench came from his basketball shoes Nick proceeded to use an entire container of baking soda to get rid of it. Our apartment smells great now. (Unless Evster poops)
7. Printed out a March Madness bracket for everyone in our family. (3!) And had Evie pick her teams by giving him high-fives. (Left for a high seed, right for a low seed) Her bracket is currently blowing ours to pieces, but she picked Detroit to upset Kansas and I think she will be humbled very soon.
8. For a belated Valentine's Day, Nick went to the traveling broadway production of Beauty and the Beast and enjoyed every moment of it. (He gifted the tickets to his real life Beauty)
9. For his birthday, Nick received Wicked tickets from moi. We'll be going in April!
10. Obsessed with fishing right now.


1. I got bangs. Still having mixed feelings about them. I'll let you know how I really feel in a few weeks when I don't look like a hipster mom. (In case you are wondering - I HATE HIPSTERS)
2. I too, am insanely busy right now. I'm planning about six different parties which is fun but cray-cray as Khloe would say.
3. I think I might be the only person that was happy when Ben picked Courtney. I think they deserve each other. Ben is condescending and selfish, Courtney is manipulative and arrogant. Plus they obviously had "chemistry" so I think Lindzi (spelled like a stripper) deserves someone better.
4. I have been listening to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack while reading LOTR. Do you have any idea how awesome it is to listen to a song titled Journey in the Dark, while reading a chapter of the same title? UNREAL! Also, the number one played song in my iTunes is Steward of Gondor. You know, the one where Pippen (Billy Boyd) sings so melancholy? Don't worry, Ev loves it too.
5. Recently left my car unlocked, with the keys in the ignition, turned on for TWO HOURS. Not my finest moment.
6. Figured out why I have never liked milk. Because it doesn't have chocolate in it! I'm not even a chocolate fan, but chocolate milk is my new crack. I have a HUGE glass after my run everyday.
7. I've tried the past few months to bake less. I've never had a hard time cooking healthy, in fact I usually cooked healthy so that I could eat my treats guiltlessly, but I found that baking less has really improved my cooking. I've always considered myself a pretty good cook, but I feel like focusing solely on cooking (no baking) has made me so much better (and more adventurous!). Nick always says he eats like a King and I won't poo-poo a compliment like that because I work really hard at being a good stay-at-home Chef. I'd love to take some culinary classes post-law school. (Hint, hint...)
8. I am seriously considering buying a Cricut. Does anyone out there have one? Do you like it? I want one badly, but I need some advice on them. I read all 600 reviews online, but I'm still not sure. Its not a question of whether or not I would use it. I would use it a ton, but I don't know, is it practical at this time in my life?
9. I really feel settled in Eugene. I have made some really good friends here and the thought of leaving in 2 1/2 years makes me very sad. As a mom, having good friends is more essential than ever (or so I've learned).
10. Speaking of friends, I am counting down the days until Spring break. We are headed to Utah to see friends and family. I haven't even told half of the people I'm planning to see, but I'm working on that. Or maybe I'll just show up at their homes. One thing is for sure, baby Pearl is at the top of my list. :)


1. She is getting really good at picking up finger foods. In fact, I think she prefers feeding herself rather than me feeing her. Her tastebuds are rapidly changing. It depends on the day. She used to hate bananas and love avocados. Now she won't touch avocados and loves bananas. Her favorite food is raspberries. She double fists them like the world is ending. Also on the favorite foods list: pasta with red sauce, strawberries, string cheese, toast, broccoli, and greek yogurt. Least foods list: peas, avocados, cauliflower, and eggs.

2. She's still my little reader. She loves to point at everything she reads. I try to point to what I'm saying so she will be a baby genius. I figured she's got the nature part of a brilliant IQ down, she just needs a little nurture to get that baby in the 140's.

3. Her hair is getting so curly. This picture doesn't do it justice. I love when its unruly and crazy. My kind husband has nicknamed my unstraightened hair "The Beast." I can only hope that Evie has inherited such a wonderful gene from me.

4. Loves getting her back scratched or rubbed. (She definitely inherited that from me. Nick recently bought me a professional back scratcher to give his hands a rest) I give her rubs in the morning after her bottle and at night after her bath. She can't even move during her back rubs - its like her Kryptonite or something.

5. Obsessed with clapping. She will clap when I'm feeding her lunch, when I say "Yay!" or even when I say that word "clap."

6. Is loving the jogging stroller still. So much that she has been falling asleep in it and ruining her nap schedule. She loves being outside, even when its raining. She doesn't seem to mind as long as she's warm and dry.

7. Loves to independently play. My sister gave me some old toys of her kids. Ev's favorite is this doll house. Its interactive and makes a flushing toilet sound (when you lift the lid), washer and dryer sound (when you push it), phone ring (also when you push it), and kids playing in the bathtub sounds (again when you push it). She has figured out how to do all of those things and is very proud of herself. When she pushes something that makes a noise, she always looks at me for approval. She is very independent though. She likes to play with her toys by herself. If I play too much with her she whines and gets fussy. The other day she played with the doll house by herself for AN HOUR. I sat near her and talked to her a little bit, but she mostly played by herself.

8. Knows how to throw one heck of a tantrum. If I take something away or she can't have something she wants she will SCREAM. When its raining really hard I hold her up to the window and let her stand on the window sill and watch the rain. She loves tapping the window and tries to lick the rain. Today she stood up there for twenty minutes (with me holding her) and when I tried to take her down she made my ears bleed. It was the shrillest, loudest scream ever. Sometimes I can't help but chuckle when she gets upset because it is so adorable.

9. Loving bath time still. She has learned how to say the word "duck." Nick is so proud. She doesn't know what it means but she will repeat it when you say it. She doesn't mind water in her face, but she hates being tipped back to have her hair washed. I started washing her hair when she was sitting up and then I just pour water on her head and it gets in her face, but she doesn't mind at all. She would rather have water in her face then lean back in the bathtub.

10. Her favorite word is "Da-da." She can also say "no, yea, and more." She WILL NOT say "Mama." I won't lie, it hurts a little. I try every day to get her to say it, but she will not repeat it after me. She has said it a few times when she was crying, but she hasn't said it recently. She is still not crawling, but scoots everywhere. It is hilarious and she's getting pretty quick. I'll post a video of it soon hopefully. She still sleeps with two blankets over her face and greets me (or Nick) with a huge smile every morning and after every nap. She is such a joy!

Well that's it. Soggy Snicks, but happy Snicks.


Alix Mae said...

Bah I can't wait to see you all next week! :)

jennica said...

i love the updates! can't wait to see you. and by the end of the bachelor, i was also rooting for courtney! i also felt sad when after the final rose they looked sad. :( who knew. love evie. she is beautiful and probably the best scooter in the world.

S.A.R. said...

1) I totally am with you on Ben picking Courtney.
2) I am an obsessive chocolate milk drinker post-workout too! A study came out proving it's the best for muscle recovery. Best news ever.
3) If it makes you feel better, I once left my car running in park for two hours with the doors locked in the Smith's parking lot in Provo. It took Triple A two hours to get someone out to unlock it for me.
4) Evie is such a cutie! And you look like a babe. Not a hipster babe, but a cool, classy, chic babe.

Kiley said...

Your bangs look hot.

Rachey Elder said...

You're coming to UTAH!? That is awesome news! I can't wait for Pearl and Ev to become buddies! Seriously such great news:) Also, I love the bangs and hope you never change your lip color. It's hot. That pic of Ev in tub is seriously beautiful. And can I give her a back rub?? That pic made me laugh out loud for reals...

Jana said...

I have a Cricut and while I do love it, I would rather have a silhouette. Check into them before you purchase, I wish I had.

Bangs are so cute and so is Evie :)