Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Yesterday, we planned on leaving for Utah at 4:00 AM on Thursday morning.
Today, we woke up to six inches of thick, fluffy, Utah-looking snow.

I took it as a sign that we should still be going to Utah. Our plan now? Stick to the original plan and leave at 4:00 AM on Thursday. I'm hoping it melts before this afternoon, since I have a bazillion errands to run before we go. I will NOT let snow ruin my Spring Break. We haven't had real fluffy snow all winter in Eugene. Why in the bleeping-bleep does it have to show up the day before we leave for a most anticipated trip?

Evie's suitcase is already packed. We HAVE to leave now don't we?

She is so excited to go. Well, she just gets excited when we put things in her suitcase because she knows she's going somewhere. She always helps me "pack" her things when we go up to my sister's house, so she knows the drill when the pink Paris suitcase comes out of the closet.

See? Utter excitement.

Weather Gods, why would you send snow? Look at that face!

While we wait for the snow to melt, Evster will resume her position as her majesty and royal highness, Queen Grabbypants.

"Eureka! I've found a bow!"

I tried to cut my bangs once. It was disastrous. The point of that story was this:
Evster's bangs.

Cute, yet always in her face. Thinking about cutting her hair gives me a panic attack. I don't do hair. I don't cut it or style it. My hair is A) In a pony tail, B) In a bun, or C) Down and straightened (on Sundays) One of my New Years resolutions was to curl my hair once a week. I have curled my hair 3 times since January 1st. (Major improvement from last year, however) Yay, me! Anyway, I'm too afraid to cut her hair or even put it in a pony tail, so her poor bangs hang in her face.

And then there's this:

I do brush it, but she fights me and it usually gets crazy after her naps anyway. How did Jessica Simpson meet Ken Paves? What do I need to do to get a Mr. Paves in my life? Any volunteers?

I have been trying (without success) to get Ev to drink from a sippy.
But I am finally victorious! Huzzah!
She won't drink out of a normal sippy cup, but oddly enough, if it has a straw she will.

She is also incredibly flexible:

Here is Ev, chillin' with the coolest mom ever.

And here are way too many pictures of Evelyn in her watermelon sweater.
(I can't help myself)


Please ignore the half-naked man in the background of this picture.

Evie loves hanging out with other kids. She usually just watches them play or scoots to follow them, but she still loves being around them. (Especially the animals at the Portland Zoo) Our friend Izzy came over the other day and even though the girls are about 9 months apart, they still played great together.


"Sharing" toys.

A list of Evelyn's favorite "toys":
1. The fireplace
2. Plastic cups and plates
3. Plush soccer ball from IKEA
4. Baby monitor
5. DVD's
6. Doll House
7. Printer
8. Dryer door
9. Blinds
10. Makeup
11. Toothpaste
12. Books

We haven't seen the sun in several days and it has rained (and now snowed) for a week straight, but nothing can get us down! Its Spring Break!


Kiley said...

ugh- annoying that it snowed. good luck getting to utah though! love ev's watermelon sweater- so cute!

MaryJane said...

Are you kidding me? The adorable bow clips are perfect for Ev's hair. She couldn't be cuter!

Ben & Cassie said...

First of all-YOU LOOK SO GREAT!
Second-your baby is a model
Third-That paris suitcase is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

Have a safe drive!

Amanda Jeffs said...

Ditto the comment above me! Hope the weather cooperates!

lovers letters said...

she is to DIE for! darling. i just found you blog, you are the cutest family and i love your little one. feel free to stop by! xo

Darrell said...

Great pics of E. she is her daddy's daughter for sure!