Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Cole and Keith!

November is obviously the greatest month of the whole year. 
For those people not fully convinced of this truth, November 1, 2007 wiped any doubts they may have had. 
Keith Darrell and Cole Kevin Burnett were born, making the world a more humorous, snuggly, and adorable place. I always look forward to C & K's birthday since it marks the beginning of the Holiday Season and I get to binge at the dollar store while trying to find each of them the perfect gift (undoubtedly some type of weapon). 
This year, I feel differently - for obvious reasons. I really miss Keith today. In looking at pictures of he and Cole together I can't help but be so sad that they won't be blowing out their candles together today. 
I know that if I let myself be consumed with grief then I will be.

So to keep this Birthday Post happy and positive I'm going to list my top 5 reasons I love my favorite nephews (since they are FIVE today!)

1. Cole and Keith are the FUNNIEST little people I know, each in their own way. Cole in a more slapstick/imaginative way and Keith in a more sweet/goofy way.
2. They both have a love for the weird things in life and can see beauty where no one else can. Keith always loved the strangest toys - Mr. Pricklepants, Theodore the chipmunk, and any other weird sidekick in Marvel. Cole always puts together weird outfits and uses inanimate objects as odd weapons.
3. They both love treats/dessert/candy. Keith loved ice cream, smarties, and licking frosting. Cole, in addition to being a frosting licker, loves cookies and cake. I love making treats with them and watching them make a huge mess. 
4. They are wicked smart. Keith could see a movie ONE time and remember all the characters names and basically the whole plot and then recite it to you. He also knew every fairytale and would correct you if you told it wrong to him. Cole is so witty. He cracks jokes and honestly never misses a beat. He can always figure out what you are talking about even if you think he has no idea what you are saying. 
5. They have the cutest laughs/smiles. I LOVE making C & K laugh because its so adorable. Plus, they laugh at even the dumb things so I don't feel like such an idiot when I know I'm not that funny - I'm funny to them all the time. 

I could go on, but the kiddos are only five, so I'll keep the smothering to a minimum. I wish I could be with both of them today, and if I could, you better believe I'd attempt to be the favorite aunt by spoiling them rotten.



MaryJane said...

Nice job!

chelsea said...

Well said Sydy! I've been thinking about my favorite five year olds all day today. I loved the list! Can't wait to see your face in a few weeks!

Alix said...

Happy Birthday C & K!

ellen said...

I remember the day they were born in Boston and how excited we all were. It's nice to remember them today.

Rachey Elder said...

That really is such a cute list! I loved all the pics, but my fave is the one of Shea holding them. They were such cute babies! Happy b day C and K!

Darrell said...

Thx for the post. It was a sad day and its nice to be reminded of all of the joys we have as well.