Monday, November 5, 2012

Boots With the Fur

It rains a gargantuan amount here. So naturally I've been on the hunt for a pair of rainboots for the Evinator. The only downside to being Professor Flitwick sized is shoes. Its hard to find cute shoes meant for walking when your feet are tiny. 

Which is why these boots deserved their own post.
They're furry, leopard, and did I mention, furry?

I won't lie, I might have looked high and low at Old Navy to find a matching pair in my size. 

Ev loves her new boots. She always wants to wear them (even when they clearly don't match anything she's wearing). I think she mostly likes them because we make such a big deal about how cute they are every time she wears them.

And now, for some random phone pics.

I let Ev watch a show while I'm cooking dinner or showering.
I usually find her like this:

Despite what this picture conveys, Ev is not really a big fan of swings. She'll beg to get in one and then realize she doesn't like it two seconds later and want to get out.

She's really more of a slide kind-of-girl. 

Blanket goes EVERYWHERE with us. I know, I'm a huge pushover, but it's just not a battle I want to have 27 times a day.



Darel Ayn said...

She looks so snuggly in those blue pajamas! Can't wait to see her in two weeks! Is it sad that my 19 month year old niece dresses better than I do? I don't even care because she is that cute!

Alix said...

Her boots are super cute! (I would want a pair of matching ones too!) Your family is adorbs. Love you all!

Rachey Elder said...

I have been on the look out for some cute boots for Pearl, Old Navy tomorrow! Ev looks adorable! I love her tights and shorts. Too cute. And I'm pretty sure those boots match everything... they're cheetah.

cheryl said...

Those boots are the cutest. Almost as cute as Ev! She is DARLING!

ecesunshine said...

I love Evie's curls!!! So cute. I sincerely hope you find matching boots.

Cassandra Worthington said...

Your family is just the cutest thing of all time!! When I see these pictures I just get so happy for you Syd! You really have a lovely life :)

Darrell said...

Every girl needs a pair of furry boots apparently