Monday, October 29, 2012

Goats in the Sky

Like everybody and their goat, we too, visited the pumpkin patch recently.
But anything worth doing, is worth overdoing, so the Jordans went four times this month.
Yes, FOUR times.

Turns out Ev could care less about pumpkins. 
She just wants the goats.


Our ward had a pumpkin patch shindig at Johnson Farm.
It is the most ghetto farm I've ever been to. Luckily ghetto is code for "ridiculously fun."

"Crazy-Eyes" from Mr. Deeds was the driver to our hayride and it was wet, muddy, and wild. (Get your mind out of the gutter!) We all got buckets of mini pumpkins that we were allowed to chuck at scarecrows as we passed by them. The scarecrows had pumpkins for heads so if you hit one hard enough it would fall off the scarecrow and explode.
(It sounds awesome because it was awesome.)

The teenage boy in every man was unleashed with a fury.

The Cooks.


Mason and Noah.

Emily and Izzy.

See? Teenage boy.

My Dad was in town to fish with Nick so we made him come with us.

Ev was thrilled that "Bam-pa" was there.

When we reached the pumpkin patch we got to launch our leftover mini pumpkins at scarecrows far away. 




Crazy hayrides make one thirsty.

Speaking of teenage boys, Mason ruled them all. Not only did he nail the most scarecrows, he even collected discarded mini pumpkins so that he could relaunch them. 

Now that's dedication.


We went to the pumpkin patch for family night as well.
We decided that while ghetto is fun, maybe less ghetto could also be fun. So we went to Lone Pine Farm to see if our theory was correct.

Goats in the sky!

True to her character, Ev lovingly smacked the goats.

She also tried to feed them rocks.*

*No, I did not stop her from feeding the goats rocks despite the EIGHT signs that warned me against doing so. I know that makes me look like a bad person, but its only because I was being a bad person. 
Sorry goats, I hate you.

But even bad people have redeeming qualities.
Exhibit A:
(Me feeding the goats OUT OF MY HAND so my child could enjoy them)

I love you Ev.
But my goodness, I HATE ANIMALS.

Psh! Batman! You think you are measuring my husband up, but really he's measuring you!

So pumped that he got to meet Batman.

A mini hay maze for kids.

PS Its so much easier to solve the maze when you are Hagrid-sized.

The cutest pumpkins in town.

95% of our attempted photos look like this:

Or this:

We are such a happy family DAMMIT!!!!!

Wanted, why?

Because we're adorable.

We also went to the farm for playgroup.

Brussel sprouts grow like this?

October was good to us this year, but November marks the 25th year of my pear-shaped body on this planet.
(You're welcome, Earth)

And its gonna be good!


Darrell said...

the pumpkin farm rocked and the driver for the hayride was a lunatic. Thx for letting me tag along!

Rachey Elder said...

K, where the heck is tht first pumpkin patch? It looks so sweet! Chucking pumpkins? I think the "teenage boy" would've come out of me as we'll. that looks like such a fun time. I laughed out loud at your Hagrid comment, ha ha. I love your blog. It's almost birthday month for you and 25 is a good one!

Amanda Jeffs said...

I love the picture with you and the goats! That is how I would have reacted too. Looks like your daughter did not inherit your dislike for animals!

MaryJane said...

Loved this blog! Love all your blogs. And you guys are adorable!