Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sugar High

 Ever wonder what a zebra would look like on a sugar high?

You can stop wondering:

Our Halloween was "wild," if I say so myself.

I've always loved Halloween - dressing up, eating like a Gorgon, wearing way too much makeup and not being called a prostitute, watching scary movies, etc. 

This year our scary movies included: Children of the Corn and It. (We kept it old school, plus Nick hadn't seen either of them) If you know me, you know that I have a weird obsession with scary movies.  I like everything from Hitchcock to old school slasher to suspense thrillers to Children of the Corn series.*

*True story: The first time I ever tried to watch Children of the Corn I was home alone with Shea. We couldn't even finish it. To this day, the psycho pastor kid haunts my dreams. 
Anyway, I love to watch frightening stuff all October so that when November rolls around I'm ready for Home Alone, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, and White Christmas. (I'm an enigma, I know)
In case you're wondering, my favorite scary movie of all time is Strangers on a Train (Hitchcock).

Halloween was so fun this year. Kids really do make holidays so entertaining. Ev doesn't even know whats going on and she still loved screaming, "TREAT!!!!!!!!," to all the trunks we walked to. And not to brag or anything, but she did pretty darn well with the "thank you's" as well. We didn't go door to door trick-or-treating since it seemed impractical for an 18-month old, but we scored big at the ward trunk-or-treat. Best thing about having kids on Halloween? Eating all their candy when they're asleep! Bwahahahahaha!
I let Ev binge on Halloween and mostly the next day, but after that I couldn't deal with the monster on my hands, so we said goodbye to candy til Christmas. 

Believe me, you'd have a hard time saying no to this zebra:

We met Pooh at the ward party.

And sweet Tigger.

Holy Cow! Christopher Robin's whole gang was there!

Zebra, Jeff Corwin (AKA adventure man), and Cheetah/Cat woman.

Cute piggies.

Best costume award - Ghostbusters. (They had name tags, backpacks, and their baby was dressed as slime!)

Chip Kelly.

Big Bad Wolf, Pig, and House.

This zebra is OBSESSED with suckers.

And I know this is super "myspace" of me, but I'm lame, plus I had more makeup on then all the Kardashians combined.

Guys, I rocked the cheetah footie pajamas like Gryffindor against Slytherin. 

Complete with tail.

Can't wait til next year!

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Rachey Elder said...

That is one cute little Zebra! And those last two pics of you are hilarious! I love your costume. Are those really pajamas? Where'd you get those!? I better add those to my Christmas wish list because they are amazing.