Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cheetah Girls

If you asked Ev who her best friend was, I'm 500% sure she'd say me.

Maybe its by default, since we spend the majority of our time together.
Or maybe, its because we engage in such amazing quality time together that she just can't help but love me. 

I knew it was only a matter of time before our closets starting mimicking one another. I mean, that's what friends do. They call each other at 10 PM the night before school and ask each other what "they" should wear. Then, when they show up at school in completely matching outfits, its a total coincidence. 

While its clear that the real Cheetah Girls have got it going on, I can't help but wonder if I'm pulling a Dina Lohan. Is my kid going to turn out like LiLo if I keep dressing us alike? Naturally, like any intelligent human being I googled the answer:

Thanks to the World Wide Web, I now know that I'm in the clear. Mother-daughter matching not only breeds normality, it insures it. If I want my daughter to grow up into a well-adjusted, mature, and independent woman, I need to start dressing her like the most well-adjusted, mature, and independent woman I know. 

And if such statements are true, then as a family we should probably unify ourselves and proclaim our normalcy for the world to see. 

Someday, I hope I have a fleet of wonderful daughters that can follow in my footsteps.


Crystal Smith said...

bahahaha! Oh Syd, this post is by far one of my favs! Not only because of your little one, adorbs btw, but because I tell Aaron everyday that once we have children (Not till after med school) but when we have them, I will make my little girl my mini me, and our little boy a mini Aaron. As I looked at your amazing googling skills, I realize how absolutely normal this is! :-)

Darrell said...

Too funny! Those internet photos are creepy. Maybe you and Evelyn will look like that in a few years from now.