Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Chatty Cathy, Part 2

When I was in 7th Grade, my parents received a report card that looked something like this:

English - A
Social Studies - A
Math - A
Science - A
PE - A
                                 EXCESSIVE SOCIALIZING
                                 EXCESSIVE SOCIALIZING
                                 EXCESSIVE SOCIALIZING

There were four lines available for the teacher to write whatever he wanted. My teacher, Mr. Johnson, used all capital letters, all four lines, and the same phrase to convey to my parents the type of student I was. I did well in school, but Holy Cannoli, I was a talker.

I have no doubt that although my child looks nothing like me, her insides are a carbon copy of moi. She talks NON-STOP all day every day and like a good mother, I encourage her to at least try to beat me in the Chatty Cathy department. If Ev brings home a report card similar to mine someday, I will definitely be a proud mama. In fact, I might get one of those cheesy Junior High bumper stickers that says, "My kid gets in trouble for talking more than your kid."

Her favorite word right now is "soup." Everything in a bowl is soup. She pronounces every word starting with "s," with a "sh," sound.

In a word, its adorbs.

See for yourself:


elise said...

oh my gosh. she is stinkin' adorable. i need her here to help Hudson along in the "chatty cathy" department...considering her now wants nothing to do with it! I love her "sleeping" and her "shoe". obsessed!

Maureen and Nathan said...

Syd- she is so so so so cute! I love the way she says soup! hahaha what a doll!!

Darrell said...

too cute!

Alix said...


Darel Ayn said...

I've already watched it 5 times, tears coming to my eyes! I miss her so stinking much!! Also, hilarious that you posted this under Darel, because it brings up some pretty sweet follow-up videos.

Darel Ayn said...

Yep, commenting again. Just wanted to let you know, when I am having a bad day, I watch this video and everything is better! You need to post again.